Effect pre-sets in 3Ds Max

                    Have ever heard about the effect pre-sets in 3Ds Max? Honestly speaking I didn’t till I saw this article.
But it is not matured as Maya’s effect pre-set. But you can definitely give a try if you do 3Ds Max and want to learn the Dynamics in 3Ds Max.
Download the pre-sets here.
From the Area blog
‘’For some time now (since the release of 3ds Max 2010), 'Max has shipped with over 100 Particle Flow pre-sets that users can take advantage of for their various project types. These are included with every copy of 3ds Max, however they are not part of a default install. These pre-sets are broken down into four elemental effects for air, earth, fire, water as well as "logo" pre-sets for motion graphics and broadcast designers. Here, we'll take a look at where to find them, how to install them and finally how to access them within 3ds Max.
Visual effects artist and fellow 3ds Max Master, Allan McKay, was contracted to create these Particle Flow pre-sets specifically to ship with 3ds Max. They are a killer starting point for projects, as well as an excellent way for new users to reverse-engineer Particle Flow's event-driven particle system.’’

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