Animated Iris Diaphragm in Camera Tutorial

In this tutorial we are going to model and animate an Iris diaphragm which is seen in camera and microscope. Though this tutorial is meant for Maya any 3d design software can produce the similar result by following this tutorial, but some steps may vary accordingly. Before jumping in to your 3d programs just go through the tutorial and do it later.
  • Create a new file in Maya
  • In top view create a Nurbs circle with radius 8
  • Create a poly cube with Width 8.5 Height 0.25 depth 2 and subdivision width 8
iris diaphragmIris Diaphragm tutorial FermiCG
  • Translate it to -8 in Y axis and adjust the vertices to match it with the circle. You can use lattice, bend etc. Add some distortion to geometry in y axis like in figure.
  • Delete the history and freeze transform the pCube1.
Iris Diaphragm tutorial FermiCG
  • Select the pivot of pCube1 and transform it to left side of the geometry as in figure. (Press w first and Insert key for selecting the pivot.)
Iris Diaphragm tutorial FermiCG
  • Do some geometric modification as in figure.
Iris Diaphragm tutorial FermiCG
  • Press CTRL+g for creating a group. Note that the pivot of the new group should be at the base grid.
Iris Diaphragm tutorial FermiCG
  • Now go to edit>Duplicate special>options
Iris Diaphragm tutorial FermiCG
  • Change the rotate Y to 10 and No of copies to 35. Make sure that you have used the default settings. See the picture below.
Iris Diaphragm tutorial FermiCG
  • Now you will get something like this
Iris Diaphragm tutorial FermiCG
  • Drag select all the cubes and group it. Rename the group to iris.
Iris Diaphragm tutorial FermiCG
  • Go to outliner and delete the empty groups from 1 to 36.
Iris Diaphragm tutorial FermiCG
  • Select the iris group and press 3 for smoothing. (Need to be rendered in MR)
  • Select the polysurface1 to 36 and go to channel editor and set a key frame on Rotate Y at frame 0.
Iris Diaphragm tutorial FermiCG
  • Now go to desired frame and rotate it in Y axis till the hole disappears and add a key. Do not type the value!
Iris Diaphragm tutorial FermiCG
Play the animation. You will get a nice iris effect.
Add a poly pipe with Radius 9.6, Height 2, and Subdivision axis 50. Add other ornaments and make it to look like a Digital Camera, Video Camera, sci-fi space ship or mechanical door anything you like. Add shaders, texture, lights and render it.


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