Maya paint FX tutorial_ Animated Vector Art

Maya paint fx is an amazing tool for visual art.And you can't get any thing similar to paint effects in any other 3d programs. It is very useful for creating motion graphic element as well as creating foliage. In this tutorial I am showing a special use of Maya paint fx. This technique is very helpful for creating elements like floral designs, vector graphics, jewel elements, some thing like action essentials in After effects, abstract designs etc..

Total duration : 1 hour
Parts : 2 parts
Topics covered
paint fxAdding image plane and adjusting

sketching the outline with curves
Different curve adjustment techniques
Adding paint effects to the curve
Tweaking the paint effects
Animating the paint effects
Converting the paint effects so that it can be rendered with Mental Ray
Adding materials and lights

Source image used from http://www.vectorious.net/blog/15-free-intricate-vector-ornaments/

This is just a beginning of Paint effects tutorial. More tutorials are coming on paint effects. So stay tuned with FermiCG.


Maya paint fx


Anonymous said...

Nice tutorial but it's really hard to understand what you are saying when you are mumbling. It's very annoying but again thanx for the video ;)


FermiCG said...

Sorry for that...
Thank you for giving the genuine feedback.