Paint effects-dotted vectors

paint effects
Paint effect is one of the best tools available in Maya. It is not modified so much. But still Maya paint effect is my favourite tool. I like to create different types of graphics and animation with Paint effects. It can be modified as your wish with patience and little tricks. In this tutorial I am showing my different techniques for creating dotted floral graphics with Maya paint effects.
Please note that this is not a deep tutorial on Maya paint effects. I already covered a well described one hour length tutorial before which also describes the Maya curves. Watch that tutorial first if you don’t have deeper knowledge in Maya curves and Paint effects.
This tutorial describes the 2.5 d shading, specular shading of paint effects, achieving the dotted effect and animating the growth of paint effects. 
Software : Maya
Difficulty : Intermediate


Free 3d models for download-part 1

free 3d objets

In the 3D world no one is master. You have to depend on others while working in 3D, especially if you are in a production environment. Most of the average sized studios have dedicated team in modelling department. But it is not the same if you are working on a small studio such as motion graphics or working your own (doing demo reel, short films or freelancing). You have to deal with modelling. It will cause problem when you’re on a tight schedule. Spending one or two days for modelling for one week project is ridiculous! It is even worse you are not good at modelling. 
In that case you can buy models from websites such as Turbosquid  or Creativecrash   or buy some DVDs such as Evermotion. But this may not be practical if you are on a tight budget. So you need to stick on free resources.
Here I am listing the online resources which provide free 3d objects for download. Click each heading for site link.Check the license provided by each site before using them in any commercial works!
free 3d flowers
Autodesk seek is the proprietary download location of Autodesk product users. You can download any of the objects provided here without any cost. They are high quality production ready objects with high quality textures and mesh flow. You can download both 2D and 3D objects. If you are looking for high quality plants, trees, flowers and vegetation Autodesk seek is the excellent source. The library includes 65000+ free objects.
There is no need to register. Anyone can download these products. Subjected to Autodesk copyright.

File type included       
Maya (.MB), 3ds Max (.max),Xfrog (.xfr), textures and documents

Categories include
Beams • Casework • Ceiling-Systems• Chairs • Columns • Cooking-Equipment • Curtain-Walls• Desks • Doors • Ductwork • Faucets• Garage-Doors • HVAC Equipment • Joists• Lighting-Fixtures• Louvers • Plumbing Fixtures • Refrigerators• Site Furnishings • Sofas • Tables • Trees, Plants & Shrubs• Washroom Accessories • Windows 
free spaceship 3d model

Cool collection of spaceships.
File formats include 3ds Max, Light wave, True space (.max, .lwo, .cob)

3d Content Central

free 3d machines
3D ContentCentral® is a community of both users and suppliers. Free parts and assemblies are available in all major 2D and 3D CAD formats, including SolidWorks, DraftSight, Autodesk Inventor, and AutoCAD.
This site provides quality downloads of CAD files (2D and 3D)
User can upload their content on this site also.

3D Faws

free girl model
You can get both 2D and 3D objects. No registration required. 
Also provides textures.

Objects includes  
Vehicles and Machines Animals and Plants, Buildings, Buildings (Labyrinth),Knick-Knack, Misc., Misc. (Arms),Misc. (Geometry),Misc. (Informatique),Misc. (Luminary) ,Misc. (Music),Misc. (Sports),Logos, Furniture, Furniture (TMH)

3D Gurukul

free swords model
3D Gurukul  is a 3D animation resource Website, it is dedicated to 3D community. To enrich and empower the CG community is objective of 3D Gurukul.  3DG provides world-class animation resources including Animations, 3D Software, Models, Textures, Plug-ins absolutely free. 
Objects category includes

File formats include
Max,poser,Bryce,c4D,vue,lwo,xsi,maya,bodypaint,amapi pro, animation master, Aladdin 4d,Houdini,geofrac2000.3dgemstudio,truespace,zbrush

3d Model Free

free interior
Excellent source for downloading 
Interior Space | Furniture | Clothes | Daily Necessities | Decoration | Electric | Free Lamps | Occupants and Bathroom | Cookware | Continental Components | Sports Supplies | Art Supplies | Music Equipment | Person | Animals | Plant | Vehicle | Arms | Iron and Railings | Outdoor | Others

Supported file type    3Ds Max, 3DS

Categories include
Open/Close Interior Scene          Living Room TV Background Wall   Kitchen Dining-room, Bedroom, Study, Bathroom, Office Space, Commercial, Establish, Staircases      Open/Close Furniture     Open/Close Modern Furniture   Sofa, Tea Table, Chair, Tables, Bed, Doors, Cabinets, Furniture Combinations, Other Furniture   Open/Close Chinese Furniture    Open/Close Continental Furniture    Open/Close Leisure Furniture    Open/Close Office Furniture      Open/Close Commercial Props   Open/Close Cookware        Cupboard    Faucet     Cookers   Tableware  Other Cookware  Open/Close Apparel    Open/Close Daily Necessities   Open/Close Decoration  Open/Close Electronics      Open/Close Appliance    Television   Home Theatre DVD And Speakers Washer Air Conditioning Refrigerators and Freezers Range Hoods Other Housewares Open/Close Desktops/laptops Open/Close Communications Equipment Open/Close Free Lamps Pendant Lamps Ceiling Lamps Wall Lamps Reading Lamps Floor Lamps Spotlights Fluorescent Lawn Lamps Other Lamps  Open/Close Bathroom Products Bathtub Shower Room Wash Tank Close stool Urinals Open/Close Continental Components   Open/Close Sports Supplies Open/Close Art Supplies Open/Close Music Equipment Open/Close Person Open/Close Animals  Open/Close Plant Open/Close Food and Beverages Open/Close Iron and Railings Open/Close Sculpture Open/Close  Outdoor Modern Architecture Chinese Ancient Architecture Continental Building Garden Public Facilities Stadium and Coliseum Warehouses and Factories Road and Bridge Playground Facilities Other Outdoor Open/Close

3d Model Sharing

free 3d house
This site has 1000s of free models available to download. You have to register first.
File formats provided
Alibre  AutoCAD   3ds max   DXF   IGES Intelicad    IronCAD    Parasolid     ProE    Rhino   sketchup     solidedge   solidworks   unigraphics

3d plants

3d plants
3d plants is a good collection of plants, flowers and trees. 3d plant offers both free and paid models for download.Also offers high quality textures for download.

 All models are available in DXF & 3DS formats

3D Valley

free 3d model
3d valley has good collection of 3d models, textures and tutorials.
3d models are provided for following categories.
Characters          Weapons
Body parts          Transport
Animals                Computers
Household          Miscellaneous 

File formats include .3ds, .obj and .max

3d warehouse

earth 3d
Trimble 3d warehouse is the free gallery provided by Google. It is provided for Google Sketch up users. Get 1000s of high quality buildings, houses, cars and other objects without paying any money.
You can view models directly in Google earth.


3d objects
Very good site with  neat lay out and good collection of models. This site also offers textures for download. You can get 3d models for software specific ( most of the 2d and 3d softwares are covered) or by object category. Also get Modo materials.


3d scene file
This site is  not meant for downloading 3d objects. It offers scene file for texturing/lighting challenges. But you can use these models for your portfolio purpose. Provides complete scene files.
File type includes FBX, MA, OBJ, LWO


free girl model
Provides only delicious models.
Categories include
Bicycle Basket Sofa Bed Printer Table Plant Armchair Curtain Gym Kitchen Palm Bed Plant Sofa Woman Car Man Grass Vase Books Flower Woman Notebook
File type includes GSM, 3DS 


free 3d model
3DXtras.com offers 10027+ 3d models download for free 
3DXtras.com offers thousands of free 3d models to download in .MAX, .3ds and other format, you may use these models freely in your own work as royalty free ...
 File formats include max, 3ds



free car model
Huge collection of FREE 3D Models, VIDEO TUTORIALS, Making of's, e-magazines, portfolios of artists, lagest CG community.
Categories includes
Accessory            Animals                Architect              Bathroom Characters          Computers         Doors    Fantasy                FurnitureHigh models       Military                 Misc       Office    Q2weapons        Q3weapons        SportsStar Wars             Transport            Weapons


Direct X 11 support for Maya/GPU rendering

direct x in maya
With the Maya 2013 extension release Autodesk incorporated the much awaited function Direct X 11 support in Viewport in Maya. This allows much faster workflows while texturing and lighting your scene. With the use of new API triggered DX11 shader artist will get game level on time rendering in viewport.
The directx11 shader works directly on GPU like the modern game does with graphics card. All the rendering take place in Graphics card, so artist can work smoothly with modern graphics
card. For supported graphics card check Maya documentation.
The Direct X 11 shader can give real-time output of
  • Diffuse
  • Specular
  • Bump
  • Normal Map
  • Displacement
  • Translucence
  • Lighting
The displacement preview is much faster and accurate. So the artist can really see what is happening without rendering.
The real-time translucence output is awesome. You can really see the actual translucence right in viewport and the changes made can be visible at real-time. And it can be mapped like any other attributes (like diffuse, specular etc.). May be you will get something better than SSS shader in real-time!!!
No news about real-time preview of reflection/refraction.
Autodesk is reworking on Maya’s API and integrating more features. It is a very good sign.