Direct X 11 support for Maya/GPU rendering

direct x in maya
With the Maya 2013 extension release Autodesk incorporated the much awaited function Direct X 11 support in Viewport in Maya. This allows much faster workflows while texturing and lighting your scene. With the use of new API triggered DX11 shader artist will get game level on time rendering in viewport.
The directx11 shader works directly on GPU like the modern game does with graphics card. All the rendering take place in Graphics card, so artist can work smoothly with modern graphics
card. For supported graphics card check Maya documentation.
The Direct X 11 shader can give real-time output of
  • Diffuse
  • Specular
  • Bump
  • Normal Map
  • Displacement
  • Translucence
  • Lighting
The displacement preview is much faster and accurate. So the artist can really see what is happening without rendering.
The real-time translucence output is awesome. You can really see the actual translucence right in viewport and the changes made can be visible at real-time. And it can be mapped like any other attributes (like diffuse, specular etc.). May be you will get something better than SSS shader in real-time!!!
No news about real-time preview of reflection/refraction.
Autodesk is reworking on Maya’s API and integrating more features. It is a very good sign.

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