emReader for Modo

emreader for modoemReader is a procedural item which loads indexed geometry cache files. The geometry cache files are only referenced instead of imported and directly passed to the renderer when needed. The plugin consists of a kit that contains a "lx" file (Windows 64bit) for Modo 601 and above.
Quick loading and rendering of indexed geometry cache files without the need to import them.

emPolygonizer 4.0 is released

empolygonizer 4 metaball tutorial for Soft ImageCreating and texturing metaballs in Soft Image is now very easy.You can create mind blowing fluid effects with ICE particles and convert them in to polygon mesh for rendering with the help of
emPolygonizer, is a plug in for Softimage which generates metaballs. The basic technique used by this plug-in is called "polygonising a scalar field" or "marching cubes". It was invented in the mid-eighties by Lorensen and Cline.
Following video by the creator shows what is new in emPolygonizer. Following a video tutorial walk through of the emPolygonizer.


Muvizu-free 3d application

muvizu 3d
Muvizu is a new generation 3d application which is distributed as free for non-commercial and educational purpose. Muvizu means animation is for everyone. Still being beta Muvizu proves a competing market in the 3d world. Muvizu is a library driven animation program. If you are familiar with Poser software you can get what it means. Muvizu is not like any conventional 3d software. User can quickly create an entire animation movie within hours, not within months. It is possible because of the fully featured expanding library asset system. You can download characters, sets, props, effects, clothing, animations, characters or dynamics with in the library. Easily mix them and create your own short films with in a day. The character parts can be easily replaced or modified. There is no need to vertex model or polygon model your BG or characters.

Camera Man 3.5 New features

cameraman-for-mayaCamera man 3.5 is launched. Camera Man is an application for iPhone and iPad which works on iOS 5 and later. This application is used to create virtual camera animation for your 3d applications such as Maya and Modo with iPhone. If you still need more info about this cool application and tutorials read our previous post about Camera man.
There are some new features and improvement with this new release. Have a look at this video and download Camera man for your favourite 3d application.
Get Camera Man from iTunes app store

You can now save the motion cache to a .cmm file. The file is saved to the iTunes File Sharing documents directory. Using the Load Motion function of the Camera Man control panel in Maya, you can load the file and apply it to any object. Use the .cmm motion file to backup motions or share with colleagues.
This setting controls the time it takes to apply the motion cache to the Maya timeline. This setting, which defaults at 1/20th of a second, fixes the Wi-Fi latency issues where the keys applied in Maya are less than the actual amount of keys captured in the cache.
* iOS 6 compatibility
3.5 FIXES:
• Motion Cache Interval fixes wifi latency so that the number of keys applied in Maya match the number of frames captured in the Motion Cache.
• Slider UI images fixed.
• Fixed bug where the apply motion at start of timeline wasn’t working.
• Added alert view to show that Set Position has been cached
• Fixed issue where the range and cache number fields brought up keyboard


Blender 2.64 RC1 is available

blender 2.64Blender 2.64 RC 1 is available for download. Anyway it is not the final product but still you can use it for your creative purpose. There may be some bugs and the final release may contain some improvements. There are lot of additions and improvements with this release. The Blender team are really working hard to produce more competing product. I love the way they are improving.

updated : http://www.fermicg.net/2012/10/blender-264-available-for-download.html
Available platforms include Mac OSX, Linux, and Windows


Maya tutorial offset animation key frames for sequential effect

Continuing from our previous tutorial curve align objects, in this tutorial we are going to create the procedural animations to the diamonds. The sequential offsetting the key frames are the best way to create animations like this. First I animated all the diamond groups and applied key frames to them. Then using the script created from Maya’s script editor I offset the animation. You can get the modelling and rendering diamond tutorial if you want to do the same animation.With this technique you can create a wide varieties of effects and animations such as forming buildings, vehicles etc. More tutorials are coming on this topic, so stay subscribed!
If anyone have scripts to automate the process or want to create it please share it with FermiCG.
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iPhone and camera animation in Maya

iphone appIPhone 5 is out and everyone is talking about it. So we are also talking about iPhone and iPad. But we are not talking about their features or specification but how they can be used in animation production. If you already have an iPhone or iPad you may know the gyroscope hardware present in it. With the help of that hardware we can make use of iPhones as a camera in Maya.
In this article we will take a look at the new application named Camera man for Maya.

Camera Man for Maya

Camera man for Maya is an application/app for iOS (for iPhones and iPads) that allows you to control the 3d camera in Maya virtually. Using the applications inbuilt joystick controller and gyroscope hardware present in iPhone and iPad you can control the 3d camera in Maya by iPhone or iPad device. This allows greater freedom and flexibility. You can create awesome Hollywood style camera works in your animations and movies. The camera movement produced by your iPhone is virtually transmitted to Maya and is stored as key frames i.e. you will get realistic motion effect.
Current version available : 3.01
Price : 1.99$


  • Highly developing features and updates
  • Full XYZ rotation using gyroscope.
  • Translation using joy stick controller
  • Simultaneous rotation and translation
  • Utilize rotation constraints
  • Object and world space
  • User defined speed control
  • Adjustable camera focal length
  • Control Maya time lines play back and frame range
  • Motion capture system caches motion and transfer to Maya time line as key frames
  • Motion can be applied to any point in the Maya time line.
Download to iPhone or iPad through iTunes application store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cameraman-for-maya/id429086818?mt=8
Compatible with iPhone 5, iPhone 5, iPad 2nd, 3rd 4th generations. iOS 5.0 and higher
Learn the basics of Camera man and Maya through these tutorials

CameraMan for Maya 3.0: Preview One from Wes McDermott on Vimeo.

CameraMan for Maya: Basics - Updated from Wes McDermott on Vimeo.

CameraMan 2.0 Tutorial: Getting Started from Wes McDermott on Vimeo.

Using CameraMan 2.0 from Wes McDermott on Vimeo.

CameraMan 2.0 Calibration from Wes McDermott on Vimeo.

CameraMan 2.1 - Gyro Modes from Wes McDermott on Vimeo.


Cinema 4D R 14 new features

Maxon Cinema 4D is the leading 3d motion graphic software in the CG industry. With the recent release of Cinema 4D R 14 Maxon added extra functionality to its famous softwares- both Cinema 4D and Bodypaint. Take a look at the latest features of maxon Cinema 4D R 14.


 What is new in Cinema 4D R 14?

Ø New Digital sculpting tool
Ø Improved modelling tool sets
Ø Camera enhancements with motion tracking
Ø Faster and better rendering
Ø Better integration to compositing softwares
Ø Improved dynamics


Procedural animation-Curve align in Maya

curve alignAligning objects in Maya is little bit complex compared to other popular 3d animation software. You can’t find any dedicated align objects similar to 3ds max, Cinema 4d or Blender. But with the tools available in Maya you can create awesome effects. Using the curve align object tool in Maya you can easily place objects in the vertices or CVs of a curve. It is a must know technique if you do lot of motion graphics or architectural modelling. Using this procedural modelling technique you can create beads in necklace, rings, place trees, pillars in paths or anything similar. You need to simply create the curve and modify its vertices according to your needs. Duplicate the desired object and place them in the curve with a mouse click. Very easy and handy technique you must practise.


Maya Tutorial Physical sun and sky

physical sun and sky
Autodesk Maya offers wide varieties of effects and customization. With tight integration with Mental Ray Maya rendering power and customization reached a high level. Most of the people don’t know the basics and easy tricks for achieving good rendering with Mental Ray. If you try something with worse settings you will get prolonged render time (due to high utilization of processor, GPU and RAM with unmatched settings). In this tutorial you will learn the basics of Maya Physical Sun and Sky pre-set and some easy tricks to achieve the desired rendering with in short time period.

I have used an evening style rendering technique with Physical sun and sky for this tutorial. The scene file is from the Maya ncloth Tutorial Flag. Follow the tutorial and play with different settings. If you have any doubts leave a comment.


Free Professional Video editing Software-Lightworks

Get a fully functional Hollywood style video editor for free of cost!!!Light works the leading editing software used in several Hollywood films is giving limited fully functional free version for a limited time. You need to register their site to get the free activation. Please note that you may get a certain number of free usages with your free license code.
The new version of Lightworks - the fastest, most accessible and focused NLE in the industry - is available to download for Windows, completely free of charge.
Some of the finest films of the past 20 years have been edited using Lightworks. Join the growing list of Oscar-winning Lightworks users by downloading your copy today, and experience Hollywood-strength editing on your PC for free.

Lightworks will soon be available in three versions, allowing more people than ever to experience our industry-leading editing software.


Ncloth tutorial-Flag

ncloth flag
Ncloth is mainly used for creating dynamic cloth stimulation of characters. In this tutorial you will learn to create and stimulate realistic flag stimulation with Maya ncloth. I chose a very lengthy flag as ncloth because it is little bit difficult to maintain the correct stimulation. So going through this tutorial you will learn the basics of Maya ncloth, different parameters, nucleus setting, wind, noise,