Cinema 4D R 14 new features

Maxon Cinema 4D is the leading 3d motion graphic software in the CG industry. With the recent release of Cinema 4D R 14 Maxon added extra functionality to its famous softwares- both Cinema 4D and Bodypaint. Take a look at the latest features of maxon Cinema 4D R 14.


 What is new in Cinema 4D R 14?

Ø New Digital sculpting tool
Ø Improved modelling tool sets
Ø Camera enhancements with motion tracking
Ø Faster and better rendering
Ø Better integration to compositing softwares
Ø Improved dynamics
New Digital sculpting tools
· Dynamic sculpting tools include pull, wax, smooth, inflate, knife and pinch which give artist more functionality and smoother work flow while sculpting the model.
· New presets are added for brushes, stamps, stencils, size, pressure, symmetry etc.
· New powerful layer system for each process. Now you can easily bake the sculpted high mesh geometry in to displacement and normal maps which can be applied to the low poly geometry.
Improved modelling tool sets
· Interactive work planes, dynamic guides and powerful snapping system with option too snap to grid.
Camera enhancements with motion tracking
· New motion camera, morph camera and camera composition helper helps artist to easily integrate 3d elements with the photographs and real footages. Better 3d matching functionality to improve the work flow.
Faster and better rendering
· Improved rendering gives unmatched realism to renders with faster rendering time and easy work flow. New materials and shaders for wood grain, stimulating weather effect and normal mapping.
· Global illumination with radiosity and unified sampling.
· New position pass which allows relight scenes, pull position based mattes and reconstruct objects after rendering.
· New interactive grading curves allows user to perform colour correction after rendering the whole scene.
· Caustics are faster than never before with 2x speed.
· Better sub surface scattering for real objects such as milk, wax and skin.
Better integration to compositing softwares
· Seamless integration with Foundry’s Nuke.
· Directly create multi pass rendering and export to composited layers in Nuke.
· Supports open EXR and FBX integration with in render pass.
· 3d layer exchange to Adobe Photoshop with built in plug in.
· Better integration with After effects.
Extra features
· Improved realism and controls for aero dynamics, springs and connectors.
· Improved editor which displays soft shadows and high lights newly added objects.

System requirements

Windows XP, Vista or 7 running on Intel or AMD CPU with SSE2-Support
Mac OS X 10.6.8 or higher running on an Intel-based Mac
1024 MB RAM
DVD ROM drive
OpenGL graphics card
Standard DVD installation can take up to 7 GB of disk space.

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