iPhone and camera animation in Maya

iphone appIPhone 5 is out and everyone is talking about it. So we are also talking about iPhone and iPad. But we are not talking about their features or specification but how they can be used in animation production. If you already have an iPhone or iPad you may know the gyroscope hardware present in it. With the help of that hardware we can make use of iPhones as a camera in Maya.
In this article we will take a look at the new application named Camera man for Maya.

Camera Man for Maya

Camera man for Maya is an application/app for iOS (for iPhones and iPads) that allows you to control the 3d camera in Maya virtually. Using the applications inbuilt joystick controller and gyroscope hardware present in iPhone and iPad you can control the 3d camera in Maya by iPhone or iPad device. This allows greater freedom and flexibility. You can create awesome Hollywood style camera works in your animations and movies. The camera movement produced by your iPhone is virtually transmitted to Maya and is stored as key frames i.e. you will get realistic motion effect.
Current version available : 3.01
Price : 1.99$


  • Highly developing features and updates
  • Full XYZ rotation using gyroscope.
  • Translation using joy stick controller
  • Simultaneous rotation and translation
  • Utilize rotation constraints
  • Object and world space
  • User defined speed control
  • Adjustable camera focal length
  • Control Maya time lines play back and frame range
  • Motion capture system caches motion and transfer to Maya time line as key frames
  • Motion can be applied to any point in the Maya time line.
Download to iPhone or iPad through iTunes application store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cameraman-for-maya/id429086818?mt=8
Compatible with iPhone 5, iPhone 5, iPad 2nd, 3rd 4th generations. iOS 5.0 and higher
Learn the basics of Camera man and Maya through these tutorials

CameraMan for Maya 3.0: Preview One from Wes McDermott on Vimeo.

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Using CameraMan 2.0 from Wes McDermott on Vimeo.

CameraMan 2.0 Calibration from Wes McDermott on Vimeo.

CameraMan 2.1 - Gyro Modes from Wes McDermott on Vimeo.

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