Riyadh city 3d model for architectural visualization



3d representation of Riyadh CITY.
Highly detailed attributes included.

Buildings and roads, streets are modeled using real world data from 2019. Please note that there may be missing buildings because no such real world data available in the repository. In such scenario randomly extruded buildings are provided.

All buildings are low poly and no textures applied. in order to easily apply textures the scene is loaded with basic materials.

For user convenience the scene is grouped, named and arranged hierarchically,

Buildings- From map, Random, Monuments (Alwassil, Algarawil,King Faisal, Alfaisaliah,Centeria,alsowalim,almajdoul,kingdom tower,burj alnoud)

Roads-Motorway,link,primary,secondary,tertiary,residential,pedestrian,unclassified, living street,steps,paths


Light rail

Areas- building, car parking,park,playground, grass, farm yard, grave yard, forest, village green, water,aerodrome (air port),glacier, allotment,academic, meadow, nature reserve, military, garden, pitch, stadium,retail land, industrial land, commercial area, residential area, orchard, farm land, quarry

You can easily hide any layer/groups for better visualization.

Provided extra sections for random buildings, contains 46 sections. You can hide/disable those sections without any problem. Also contains foot prints for those random buildings, which is more useful if you plan to use some scripts to generate buildings and other data.

Bridge data is included, but hidden. You can easily place/ move bridges by using these data. It doesnt contains height information.

Please note that the random buildings are bulk, and they are not scaled to the real world data. But they are useful if you are showing aerial views or showing road data. In some areas random building may hide the actual buildings, in such scenario you can easily delete those area.

Only Cinema 4d file come with atmosphere, sky and cloud details. For other 3d application use physical sky and sun or use the hdr map provided.

hdr_sky_riyadh.rar 8K resolution

If you are planning to use in Twinmotion, Lumion, Unity, Unreal engine or any other game engine kindly open the file in your favourite 3d application and delete the unwanted sections such as 'hide me' group which contains large amount of polygon which are only useful in your 3d applications foe visualizing/ selecting certain area.

Textures and materials will come intact in 3ds, obj and fbx file. However remapping the grass texture with Cubic/ flat UV with 5x5 tile is recommended.

Map data :OpenStreetMap contributors

Ratio: 1: 289 562
3d scene scale : 1:1
Scene unit: cm

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