Text tutorial in Maya-Creating Funky text.

Creating a Text and applying texture in Autodesk Maya is very tedious process compared to the other 3d packages such as Autodesk 3Ds Max, Maxon Cinema 4D etc.Maya lacks several typographic tools. In this tutorial I am showing a simple and special way to create Funky text effect with in Maya. Using some curve tools you can manipulate the text in to funky very easily. At the end of the tutorial I am showing a special kind of texturing technique which can be useful for several rendering especially for Motion grapher and product visualizers (seamlessly blend the floor to the BG with white color). If you people want to know more about that technique please write on the comment tab about it.I will create another tutorial if a lot of request is there.

Create a funky text in Maya.
  • Create "custom" text in Maya with curve option selected.
  • Center pivot the created curve and align to the center.
  • Apply rebuild curve tool with 15 spans and 3curve option selected, still selecting the whole text.
  • Now add bevel plus option to each text. 
  • Select the whole mesh and apply a car-paint material to it.
  • Connect a ramp with single color to ambient,base,lit color of car paint material.
  • Select the whole mesh and press F11 and go to side view and select middle row of polygons and apply another car paint material to it.Connect a single colored ramp as above method.
  • In front view select the large faces and apply car paint and repeat the ramping.
  • Create a poly plane and apply a Lambert material to it.Connect a mib occlusion material to the color and transparency node of the Lambert.Adjust the values as desired.
  • Now add some lights to the scene.
  • Set up the render with Mental Ray with production preset along with final gather on.Change the environment color of the render camera to white.

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