How to draw in Photoshop

              Photoshop is an excellent tool for painting. Its brush and gradient tools are superb in Industry. This picture is created from scratch, sketched with pencil and painted with Photoshop.Adding the blending and layer styles the paintings can be enhanced in to more creative ways.

               Before going to the topic, I am not a professional artist. I usually draw for my own satisfaction. Most of the time I follow my own techniques to complete the art work. So don’t expect any professional advice or tips from me. But you can get some idea about my procedures.
              During my Motion graphics jobs in previous studio I actually polished my drawing skills. Before that I just ignored my drawing skills and was searching in internet “How to draw in computer” or “how to draw in Illustrator”. Any way I realised some solid things which polished my creativity (I believe so…).
  • how to draw in computerFirst of all believe in your creativity. Believe your traditional drawing skills than believe in any software. It is you who creates the art, not the software.
  • Invest more time and effort in polishing your traditional skills, not on software skills. You will learn the software when you really love to draw with that software.
  • Don’t push yourself in to something you can’t. Select what you like.
  • Find your own style of art. (it will take much more time to find the right one. I believe that the style of your art is the common art that you draw regularly without noticing it. You may scribble during a boring lecture, stressed work or any other time your mind want to escape from the bore some. Just look at that scribbles, study that and try to polish it. It is the real style you own, no one can teach you to draw like that, and no one can exactly copy that style).
  • Develop your own way to see and visualise things. Try to figure out the uniqueness in things. It is a skill that you can polish.
  • Try to finish the art traditionally. You have to develop your own work flow when using digital software with traditional art work.

Now about the art work” Carnival”.

I already said this picture is created from scratch. But actually it is not true. There is an inspiration drawing behind this picture. Yes I copied it. Just look at the following photograph.
getting the theme
This is a photo of cracked wall. I saw a good picture in it. So I took the photo and draw the base figure in the paper. I tried to follow the actual curve as possible as I could. I didn’t trace it. Then I applied more details in it and made a suitable theme. The lines were scribbled random strokes with pencils. I usually do that way.
Finding a theme is very is easy. Just look at your surroundings and use your imagination. You can see different patterns and figures forming from the surroundings.

Cleaning the drawing.

In order to digitalize the drawing I have to clean up it. I used a black ball point pen ( better use a gel pen) and traced the clear out line of the picture. Erased all the unwanted lines and strokes. This will give a clean outline of the drawing. I created thicker lines than usual because I want the “glass painting look”. Using the original outline in digital drawing will give more natural look compared to the over smooth computer outlines and curves.

Digitalise the drawing

I used Digital camera to digitalise the drawing. Took a photo without flash and cropped in Photoshop.
how to draw in photoshop
Using the camera RAW functionality in Photoshop I enhanced the drawing. Desaturated and added level boost.
how to draw in photoshop
Then I deleted the white space and unwanted area by using selection tools. This gave me a good outline.
how to draw in photoshop
Because of the quality of and thickness of the outlines and photo there is no need to vectorise it. I usually do vector tracing (auto tracing) with Illustrator if the quality is poor or I need a vector output.
Set the desired size of the document (at 300 dpi).
I selected the outline and filled with black colour. This gives more clear outlines.
Then using the selection tool (magic wand and quick wand most of the time) created several selections and save it. According to the selections I created several layers.
how to draw in photoshop
Using colour gradients I filled each layers with appropriate colour and feel.
how to draw in photoshop
Getting a “glass paint look” I copied the outline to the top layer and used layer effects.
how to draw in photoshop
This is the process behind this picture. I think you got some idea about the techniques I used.

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