Camera Man 3.5 New features

cameraman-for-mayaCamera man 3.5 is launched. Camera Man is an application for iPhone and iPad which works on iOS 5 and later. This application is used to create virtual camera animation for your 3d applications such as Maya and Modo with iPhone. If you still need more info about this cool application and tutorials read our previous post about Camera man.
There are some new features and improvement with this new release. Have a look at this video and download Camera man for your favourite 3d application.
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You can now save the motion cache to a .cmm file. The file is saved to the iTunes File Sharing documents directory. Using the Load Motion function of the Camera Man control panel in Maya, you can load the file and apply it to any object. Use the .cmm motion file to backup motions or share with colleagues.
This setting controls the time it takes to apply the motion cache to the Maya timeline. This setting, which defaults at 1/20th of a second, fixes the Wi-Fi latency issues where the keys applied in Maya are less than the actual amount of keys captured in the cache.
* iOS 6 compatibility
3.5 FIXES:
• Motion Cache Interval fixes wifi latency so that the number of keys applied in Maya match the number of frames captured in the Motion Cache.
• Slider UI images fixed.
• Fixed bug where the apply motion at start of timeline wasn’t working.
• Added alert view to show that Set Position has been cached
• Fixed issue where the range and cache number fields brought up keyboard

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