emPolygonizer 4.0 is released

empolygonizer 4 metaball tutorial for Soft ImageCreating and texturing metaballs in Soft Image is now very easy.You can create mind blowing fluid effects with ICE particles and convert them in to polygon mesh for rendering with the help of
emPolygonizer, is a plug in for Softimage which generates metaballs. The basic technique used by this plug-in is called "polygonising a scalar field" or "marching cubes". It was invented in the mid-eighties by Lorensen and Cline.
Following video by the creator shows what is new in emPolygonizer. Following a video tutorial walk through of the emPolygonizer.
Software : Soft Image 2012.5
Difficulty : Intermediate
Author : Eric Mootz ( Vimeo Channel)
Follow : Website

Eric says,
Two and a half minutes of meshed particles using the new emPolygonizer4 (version 4.0).
So what's the big deal about this new version? It has - amongst several other things - texture coordinates, a.k.a. UVWs!
As usual this video was made to show a bit of what one can do with the new UVW functionality and also to test the new version for stability, bugs, etc.
All simulations (particles and meshes) were done on my workstation 1 x Intel i7).
The rendering was done on my workstation as well as on my two little laptops (1 x Intel i5m and 1 x Intel i7m ).
3D software: Softimage 2012.5
Mesher: emPolygonizer4
Particles: ICE + Lagoa
Rendering: Mental Ray + Arnold
Compositing: Softimage Fx Tree + ReelSmart Motion Blur
Music software: Reason 4.0

--- emPolygonizer4 Tutorial 01 ---
The following things are demonstrated and/or explained in this tutorial:
starting at 00:00 > "The new texture coordinate functionality".
starting at 07:40 > "The other new stuff".

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