emReader for Modo

emreader for modoemReader is a procedural item which loads indexed geometry cache files. The geometry cache files are only referenced instead of imported and directly passed to the renderer when needed. The plugin consists of a kit that contains a "lx" file (Windows 64bit) for Modo 601 and above.
Quick loading and rendering of indexed geometry cache files without the need to import them.
 Supported file formats:

o RealFlow .bin
o Wavefront .obj
o Softimage Polygonizer .emp2
o Mootzoid emPolygonizer3 .emp2
o Mootzoid emPolygonizer4 .mzd

· Animatable file index.

· Loads motion vectors (scalable), normal vectors and texture coordinates, if available.

· Post-load effects:
o Fix double edges.
o Fix non-manifold edges.
o Close holes.
o Push.
o Smooth.
o Thickness.

Software         : Modo
Difficulty         : Intermediate
Author            : Eric Mootz ( Vimeo Channel)
Follow            : Website

--- emReader (Modo) Tutorial 01 ---
The following things are demonstrated and/or explained in this tutorial:
Ø Starting at 00:00 > "Introduction".
Ø Starting at 00:33 > "Some geometry cache files".
Ø Starting at 01:11 > "Setting the item type to 'emReader'".
Ø Starting at 01:38 > "emReader properties, set filepath of a RealFlow cache sequence".
Ø Starting at 03:05 > "keying the file index".
Ø Starting at 03:59 > "switching to another sequence of cache files".
Ø Starting at 05:57 > "the other emReader properties, post geometry effects".
Ø Starting at 08:14 > "rendering an emReader item".

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