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Muvizu is a new generation 3d application which is distributed as free for non-commercial and educational purpose. Muvizu means animation is for everyone. Still being beta Muvizu proves a competing market in the 3d world. Muvizu is a library driven animation program. If you are familiar with Poser software you can get what it means. Muvizu is not like any conventional 3d software. User can quickly create an entire animation movie within hours, not within months. It is possible because of the fully featured expanding library asset system. You can download characters, sets, props, effects, clothing, animations, characters or dynamics with in the library. Easily mix them and create your own short films with in a day. The character parts can be easily replaced or modified. There is no need to vertex model or polygon model your BG or characters.

You may feel that this will reduce creativity. Yes but think about one thing, you still create your own graphics from the stuffs you downloaded or you always create them from scratch? When Poser launched every one asked the same question: Is it worth or it ruin creativity? But still it is used by thousands of people and they still download the character from its library.

What is new in Muvizu?
Have a look at the following short films created with Muvizu and decide.

Download Muvizu             Visit Muvizu and learn more

You can get tutorials on Muvizu here

Muvizu is free 3D animation software
  •     It’s easy to use but sophisticated and powerful
  •     Make 3D animated movies in hours, not months
  •     It’s free for non-commercial and educational use
  •     Muvizu means animation is for everyone
Muvizu turns you into a filmmaker
  •     Make your dreams a reality - well, at least the ones to do with animation
  •     Build and light your sets, and direct your customised characters like a pro
  •     Publish your films to YouTube, social networking sites or anywhere you fancy
In short ... everyone
  •     Beginners, amateurs or seasoned animators who want results quickly
  •     Kids, schools, adults and anyone with a creative idea
  •     People with a message to spread or a joke to share

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