Ncloth tutorial-Flag

ncloth flag
Ncloth is mainly used for creating dynamic cloth stimulation of characters. In this tutorial you will learn to create and stimulate realistic flag stimulation with Maya ncloth. I chose a very lengthy flag as ncloth because it is little bit difficult to maintain the correct stimulation. So going through this tutorial you will learn the basics of Maya ncloth, different parameters, nucleus setting, wind, noise,
collision plane, collision settings, world space scale, lift, drag and other attributes.

Software            Maya
Difficulty           Beginner 

We will start with a base cylinder as flag stick (passive rigid body) with animation. A poly plane with square divisions (optimum numbers) used as ncloth mesh. These two meshes are dynamically linked using “point on surface” constrain. The silk pre-set is used for flag stimulation because it is the best pre-set closely resembles this kind of cloth. The stimulated mesh will have hard edges, but can be solved by smoothing the mesh. Smoothing the mesh after the stimulation will increase the performance. I used the sub division smoothness (Mental Ray smoothing by pressing “3”). This will again increase the performance because we can choose the smoothness only at render time. The renderer must be Mental Ray.
The Physical Sun and Sky is used for lighting. That part will be covered in next tutorial.

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