emTopolizer-ICE node Geometry cache

emtopolizer cache nodes Softimage ice tutorialLearn the ICE nodes and its use from the experts. In this tutorial you will learn about the pre-sets present in the Mootzoid- emTopolizer. The author will show you the use of Geometry writer, Geometry reader and geometry free reader. These are some tools available to cache your geometry in to the disc. I.e. after caching the geometry animation you can apply that animation cache to deform other geometry, modify the topology of the animated mesh without any problem. The working example of an animated Dinosaur mesh ease the learning process little bit. Anyway this tutorial requires a little bit ICE experience.
Software         : Soft Image
Difficulty         : Intermediate
Plug in            : emTopolizer (Geometry reader, Geometry writer and Geometry free reader).
Author            : Eric Mootz
Follow             : Website

--- emTopolizer Tutorial 04 ---
The following things are demonstrated and/or explained in this tutorial:
Starting at 00:00 > "Introduction".
Starting at 00:24 > "Geometry Writer".
Starting at 02:13 > "Geometry Reader".
Starting at 03:12 > "More caching, merging geometry...”
Starting at 07:57 > "Geometry Free Reader".

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