JM Scatter-ICE plug in for Soft Image

jm scatter ICE interactive toolICE or Interactive Creative Environment is highly powerful programming environment with in Soft Image. You can create awesome effects, tools and plug ins with this amazing program. In this video the author demonstrates the capability of the new plug in he developed with ICE.
This is not a tutorial, but I liked the capability of this new tool JM Scatter.
Software               Soft Image, ICE
Author                  Fabricio Chamon
JM Scatter - ICE Tool from Fabricio Chamon on Vimeo.
Fabricio Chamon says,
This is a commissioned tool developed for the modeller Jose Manuel Linares
The main goal was to have a flexible, artistic centric tool that allowed for productivity while abstracting the ICE layer from the user, and outputs a clean (freezed) and UV'd polygon mesh.
Some features:
- Password protection module
- Interaction via main custom property
- Density/size weight maps generation and connection
- Instance relaxation (even distribution)
- Many randomization controls (rotation/size/push)
- Surface alignment (with blending)
- Instance and geometry avoidance with group controls
- Live particle/mesh preview mode
- transfer UVs/Materials from master objects
- Scene clean-up (system collapses to one single polygon mesh)

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