Path deform- plug in for Houdini

path deform houdini tutorialHoudini, the most used 3d animation tool in visual effects by Hollywood studios. In this tutorial you will learn about a new custom tool named Soptools pathdeform. Pathdeform is a part of Soptools which is a set of plug in developed by Adam Swaab, for Houdini.
Soptools pathdeform uses a curve as a deformer. Objects can be fit to the curve or maintain their scale. There are options for moving along the curve, scaling along the curve, twisting along the curve, banking, and extending the curve.
Maya users are benefitted with this tool very early. Anyway this tool will be an added advantage of Houdini users.
Software : Houdini
Difficulty : Beginner
Author : Adam Swaab Vimeo channel

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