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soup_plug in for MayaSoup Development plug in is node based plug in resource for Autodesk Maya. Soup contains a set of plug ins that extends procedural, dynamic and other capabilities of Maya. Soup is actually developed by Peter Shipkov. Due its complexity and lack of good tutorials Soup remains silent in the CG world. Only technically knowledge people could get the result with this plug in. But now things are changing. More people are using Soup and slowly there are some tutorials are publishing. FermiCG will provide some tutorials on Soup soon.
Soup is a free tool so anyone can use it on their commercial and non-commercial projects. If you are a dynamics or motion graphics artist practicing Soup plug in can deliver some fabulous effects very easily. It is something similar to ICE node in Soft Image.
We hope Autodesk will integrate these plug ins in the next versions of Maya.
Soup is a set of plug-ins that extends the procedural (and other) capabilities of Maya. It includes sophisticated "live" data generators and modifiers that operate on components lists, objects groups and point attributes. These tools can be very useful when working on complex effects, advanced characters and actually quite often geometry modelling.
Latest build: 2012/10/19
Supported operating systems: Linux, Windows, OSX
Supported Maya versions: 2012-x64, 2013-x64

Main features,

  • Non-destructive and flexible
  • Most of the nodes work on component level
  • B mesh- Zbrush’s zsphere like tool
  • Map to mesh/ mesh to map
  • Component to component
  • Point cloud to multi curve
  • Split RGBa
  • Point cloud particle emitter
  • Create array
  • UpresFluid node
  • Cage node
  • Veronoi 3d texture node
  • Smooth node
  • Retarget node
  • Pfx to array
  • Array to dynamic arrays
  • Ray project node
  • Peak node
  • Draw connections between points based on proximity.
  • Complex node for dealing with mesh shells
  • Uninstancer - convert instancer data to "real" objects

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