3D elight by DNA Research

3d elight a render man compliant render3delight is a Render man compliant renderer. It is free for both commercial and non-commercial use. The free version comes with support for 2 CPU cores. If you need multi-threading and multi cpu support you have to buy the commercial license.
But for learning purpose, personal or small studio rendering the free version is enough and valuable. If you are planning to get a touch with Render man 3delight is the best choice.
More over 3delight is photorealistic; point cloud based rendering solution with nearly physical accurate ray tracing. Many production studios use 3d elight as their primary renderer. 3d elight’s ability to work as standalone and as integrated renderer is suited for production pipeline.

Main features includes,

· Area light sources
· Brick maps
· Co shaders
· Depth of field
· Displacement mapping
· Distributed rendering
· Environment mapping
· Global illumination
· Heirarchial subdivision surface
· Level of detail
· Motion blur
· Multithreaded
· Nurbs curves
· Photon mapping
· Point cloud
· Programmable shading
· Ray tracing
· Render passes
· REYES algorithm
· Rib conditional class based shaders
· Shadow depth mapping
· Solid modeling
· Special camera projections
· Texture mapping
· Volume shading
3d elight is excellent for fur, hair, displacement, motion blur and point cloud renders. Its particle rendering is also good compared to other renders such as Mental Ray. Global illumination is fast but not that much accurate compared to ray traced renders.
3d elight is available as stand-alone as well as integrated render. For 3d applications such as Maya and Soft Image using the integrated render is suggested for individuals. Other 3d software user can opt for 3d elight standalone render and use external scripts to export Render man RIB package for rendering with 3delight.

3d elight for Maya

3d elight for Maya· 10x faster depth of field
· 10x faster motion blur
· All geometries are supported including paint effects
· All the Maya default lights are supported
· Better memory conservation even in larger scenes
· Better rendering with smother sub division
· Camera and quality control
· Clipping planes
· Compatible to all Maya versions
· Curves can be rendered
· Direct rendering and RIB export
· Faster displacement
· Faster hair and fur rendering
· Fully compatible with MEL
· Fully integrated in Maya
· Geometric displacements with sub pixel accuracy
· High quality anti-aliasing
· Import and export format include TIFF, IFF, Open EXR, Cineon, BMP, SGI, Soft image and PSD
· Inking and outline rendering
· Modern render passes
· Multi pass rendering with render pass and render layers
· Particle rendering (point, blobby, sphere, patch)
· Point and cloud based ray tracing
· Point based global illuminations, photon maps, caustics, final gathering, and image based lighting
· Ray traced and shadow maps supported
· Reflections and refractions are accurately rendered
· Render man commands in Mel
· Render man standards with RIB export and RSL shaders
· Scene caching for rapid lighting
· Shave and hair cut support (out of the box)
· Sub surface scattering with per object basis

3d elight for Soft Image

3d elight for soft image· 3d elight is fully integrated in Soft image.
· Ability to handle larger scenes
· Fast global illumination (photon mapping and final gathering)
· Faster motion blur and depth of field
· Faster rendering of hair and fur
· High quality displacements with good performance
· ICE volume, particle and strands
· Integrated in render regions
· Nurbs, hair, sub divisions, fur and curves
· Render man shaders and nodes
· Render man standards
· Render maps
· Render tree, shader compounds, and 200+ Soft image native shader supports.
· Scene caching
· Toon shader and inking
· Volumetric
· XSI 7.0 and later support

3D elight studio pro

3d elight studio proRender man compliant render suit for experienced users and large studios with high end flexibility and customizations.
DNA Research announces 3Delight Studio Pro 10, a major evolution of our state-of-the art RenderMan-compliant renderer. This new release introduces important technological advances in ray-tracing performance and global illumination. 3Delight Studio Pro - formerly named 3Delight - now also includes our popular 3Delight for Softimage plug-in at no additional charge. The 3Delight Studio Pro all-inclusive package enables power users and studios to use 3Delight standalone in their rendering pipeline along with 3Delight for Maya -or- 3Delight for Softimage -or- both.
Many small and large studios have selected 3Delight as their renderer of choice and this release will bring a major productivity leap to everyone. “At Dr.D we are really glad to have selected 3Delight as the main renderer for the production of Happy Feet 2”, said Brett Feeney, Head of Production at Dr. D Studios. “We are relying heavily on the formidable arsenal of features it offers and its outstanding scalability. Rendering tens of millions of feathers in each shot is a real challenge and 3Delight proved to be the perfect tool for the job. Also, the unparalleled support has been an awesome help in getting what we want out of 3Delight for our technically demanding project. Fast turnaround on problem solving, and the speedy addition of features we request, have all been part of the success of working with the 3Delight team”, added Brett.
Highlights of 3Delight Studio Pro 10
Just-In-Time compiler - 3Delight can now converts RenderMan shaders to SSE2 machine code, on the fly, using proprietary compilation technology. This has a global impact on rendering performance and speedups of up to 30% are to be expected.
New Point-Based Global Illumination - We introduce a new point-based occlusion and global illumination algorithm which offers unprecedented quality and smoothness.
The new algorithm also introduces support for translucent surfaces, a first for this class of algorithms.
All around ray-tracing optimizations - Algorithmic and hand-coded SSE2 optimization allow for a leap in ray-tracing performance compared to the previous version. Ray-traced displaced geometry, area light shadows, transmission and occlusion queries will all benefit from these optimizations (gains of up to 200% are to be expected).
Dynamic Output Variables - This new feature expends the paradigm of output variables as it enables shader writers to declare output variables dynamically (during shader execution). This creates a new set of possibilities and allows for new advancements in pipeline architectures.
Ptextures and multi-channel EXR support - Ptextures and EXR files are becoming more popular and 3Delight now offers native support for both of these file formats.
Improved RSL 2.0 support - The shader compiler has been improved to accept the latest semantics of the RenderMan shading language.
Softimage Plug-in included - For years the 3Delight for Maya plug-in have been included for free with each 3Delight license. With this new release, the 3Delight for Softimage plug-in is also included at no additional charge. More details about 3Delight Studio Pro 10 are available at the Overview and Features pages on the 3Delight website.

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