nparticles for motion graphics

nparticle dynamicsParticle dynamics in Maya is very useful for creating realistic natural effects such as rain, dust, snow etc. It is very handy in creating secondary debris, explosions, smoke, liquid, pixies or similar effects. But you may not that much familiar with the particle in motion graphics. In this tutorial you will learn to create a simple but attractive motion graphic effect with Maya dynamics particles.
Usually beginners are confused with the Maya dynamics because of its node nature and unwanted complexity. So we created this tutorial with lesser complexity in dynamics.
Software : Autodesk Maya
Difficulty : Beginner
Please note that we used nparticles in this tutorial because they are easier in controlling and caching. If you have Maya 2009 or older you won’t get ndynamics. But you can create the same effect with normal particles.
Topics covered
· Emitting particles from vertices
· Removing unwanted load and behaviour of nparticles
· Caching of particles for better play back
· Shaping and shading the particles using internal ramps
· Adding external; shader and controlling the look
· Setting the renders
· Animating the camera
Just practice the technique. Familiarize with different settings and do experiments. Meantime we will create more tutorial on particles and dynamics. Keep your system fresh and mind cool to create some glowing pixie dust dynamics.

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