Ncloth tutorial-demolish an animated character in Maya

ncloth tutorial demolish a character using mayaAs I always said ncloth is an amazing and powerful tool for creating interesting effects. You may have watched my previous tutorial about ncloth tutorial text effect. In this half an hour length tutorial you will learn a new technique with ncloth. Using this technique you can destroy/explode/demolish/split any mesh with ncloth. Being animated the polygon splitting is little bit heavier with ncloth effect. But once you learn the technique you can control it very effectively.
If you are very new to ncloth it may be difficult to go through each step. I recommend you to get some ncloth basics first.
Topics covered,
  • Importing the motion capture file with in Maya
  • Converting the animated character in to ncloth
  • Adjusting the world scale to get the stimulation faster and accurate.
  • Adding constrain to ncloth mesh to splitting the mesh (tear able surface)
  • Adjusting the mesh stimulation and constrain to get desired effect
  • Caching the scene for better play back.
Watch the tutorial below and add your comments,

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