Ink drop effect Maya fluid 2d tutorial

Autodesk Maya is an awesome tool for creating animation and effects. We can use Maya fluid effects to create awesome effects like ink drop in water. Watch this tutorial and you will able to create amazing ink drop and other fluid effect using Maya fluid system. Video tutorial can be watched at the end of this post.
ink drop
Let us start creating this effect.
Go to dynamics menu.
Create a 2d container with emitter.
Use default settings.
Change the fluid container size to 20x20x1.
Increase base resolution to 200.
Select the fluid emitter, and change the density/voxels to 20.
Increase the time line and play the scene.
You can see fluid is behaving like smoke.
We can fix it later.
Go to frame 20 and set a key for density.
At frame 21, change the density to zero and set a key.
Reposition the emitter at the top of the container.
Never place the emitter out of the container.
Play again and watch the difference.
Now the fluid settles at the top. We need to make this fluid to behave like ink drop.
Select the fluid container and add some adjustments.
Turn on high detail solve for all grids.
Solver quality to 40.
Decrease the buoyancy to -1.
Play again and see the magic.
Now we get a similar motion like ink drop in water.
It’s time to shading.
Leave the transparency as it is.
Change the drop off to none.
Render using mental ray.
Change the colour to your choice.
Turn off incandescence by changing the colour to black.
Change the render interpolator to smooth.
Turn on self-shadow under lighting.
Change shadow opacity and diffusion to 1.
Finally turn off real lights.
Render to see the change.
See how false lighting and self-shadow added details to the render.
Create a cache for the fluid. This will give more freedom.
You can avoid unwanted parameters in cache.
In the next part we will discuss about rendering and 3d ink drop effect.
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