What is new in Maya 2015

maya 2015
Maya 2015 is released by Autodesk. You can get a lot of improvements in Maya 2015.
Maya 2015 new features include
Bifrost Procedural Effects Platform - which simulate and render highly photo realistic liquids. It uses famous Naiad simulation technology. 
XGen Arbitrary Primitive Generator - that allows users to hand sculpt and groom hair, as well as create fur and feathers or quickly populate large areas of landscapes with grass, foliage, debris trails and much more.
Geodesic Voxel Binding - allow high quality skin binding in lesser time.
Streamlined retopology toolset- highly creative efficient retopology tool set for artist satisfaction and productivity.
Open Subdivision controls- Render displacement maps interactively with in viewport
ShaderFX- Added advanced shaderFX system for more productive rendering.
Bullet Physics- Updated Bullet physics for rigid body dynamics.
Enhanced UV Layout
Brand new technology and over 30 workflow changes Maya 2015 is ready for big challenges.

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