how to solve Vray out of memory error, fatal error#

                It is often you will get this message, Vray out of memory, fatal error etc while trying to render large geometry, huge scene using Vray, especially if you use reflection and refraction. I got these errors during rendering a heavy scene using Vray for Maya. I tried several optimization method told by other artist (of course Googling). But no use. I checked my scene file several times, checked normals, deleted unwanted geometry, reduced the quality of renders, removed GI, bla..bla...But it is of no use. 
Then I found a simple tweak that helped me to render the whole scene. It may work or not for your situation. But let it a try.
OK here is the trick. Under Vray render settings change the render region subdivision to 32. And render the scene. If it fails again reduce it to 16. In my case using 16 tiles worked.
You can also experiment with the measurement type to spiral or other thing.

If you turned on view port subdivision rendering, turn it off. Use mesh smooth instead. This will allow the calculation faster and Vray will use less memory for rendering.

Hope this will solve your problem.

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