Maya 2015 service pack 6 is ready for download

Autodesk recently released  service pack 6 for Maya 2015. It is good to see they really care before releasing the maya 2016 version.

Download Autodesk Maya 2015 service pack 6 here

What's Fixed

The following list contains bug numbers and corresponding descriptions for issues fixed in this release.
Bug Number Description
Animation Character
MAYA-26591 Fixed Label option when mirroring skin weights
Animation General
MAYA-36250 Fixed a crash when deleting Create array items from geometryVarGroup
MAYA-44429 Fixed constraints to work with negative scaled hierarchies
MAYA-44814 Fixed a performance issue in Legacy viewport
MAYA-45305 Fixed a playblast error on network renders with mapped network drives
MAYA-45600 Fixed a performance issue in VP2 involving large numbers of connections
MAYA-45759 Fixed an issue where scaleConstraint evaluation was not consistent
MAYA-47116 Fixed a performance issue impacting some rigs
MAYA-50016 Fixed the filterCurve slowdown when motion trails are used
MAYA-50388 Fixed a crash when switching paint attributes in the Paint Attribute Tool
MAYA-51689 Fixed the setFaceVertexColors API
MAYA-50716 Fixed the Poodle security vulnerability with an update to SSL
MAYA-51628 Fixed an FBX import/export problem when blendShape items have the same short name
File Referencing
MAYA-48545 Fixed a crash when mayatomr plugin is loaded after a file has been referenced
MAYA-49175 Fixed an issue where removing a connectAttr edit would delete other connectAttr edits involving the same plug
FileIO Maya
MAYA-36608 Provided "unknownPlugin" MEL command to help remove non-existent plug-ins from the scene file
MAYA-40132 Fixed playback of image plane with movie texture on Mac
MAYA-50170 Fixed the cloud import plugin which was disabled due to Poodle (OpenSSL) security issues
MAYA-51551 Fixed renaming of multi-attribute
mental ray
MAYA-51275 Improved mental ray render times with procedural shaders/textures (ocean, fractal, etc.)
MAYA-36720 Fixed a crash that can happen when doing boolean operations on certain scenes
MAYA-42899 Modify the smoothing operation on meshes with crease data to make the UV behavior around the smooth more reliable
MAYA-43422 Fixed an issue where soft selection ignores lock status on lattice points
MAYA-44236 Fixed instanced nurbs display issue with surface precision set to high
MAYA-45553 Fixed Bevel tool on LMB release to make Offset as Fraction take account of the current linear unit
MAYA-45790 Fixed a performance issue in VP1 textured mode
MAYA-46320 Fixed a crash after deleting certain meshes
MAYA-46366 Allow selection of other meshes in edit pivot mode
MAYA-47931 Fixed MFnMesh::updateSurface in VP2
MAYA-48585 Fixed a crash when editing manipulator after Append To Polygon
MAYA-49252 Fixed a performance issue where transferring UV data in component space was slower in Maya 2015 than in Maya 2014
MAYA-50431 Fixed an issue where MFnDagNode.duplicate would scale some meshes in Python 2.0
MAYA-51073 Fixed an issue where the pivot manipulator translates incorrectly if the parent object has rotations
MAYA-52213 Fixed mesh getting scrambled upon vertex manipulation when tweak node is at the end of the chain
MAYA-37472 Fixed an issue where shadows are pixelated at grazing angles in VP2
MAYA-44070 Fixed the "Graph materials on selected object" function
MAYA-44860 Fixed an issue where MPxGeometryOverride is causing object to be culled unexpectedly from viewport
MAYA-44958 Fixed rig interaction when rotating the character rig in VP2
MAYA-45209 Fixed a performance issue when switching to VP2 and then back to Legacy viewport
MAYA-45261 Fixed memory usage and CPU utilization when opening an old file and switching the texture mode
MAYA-45950 Fixed a crash that can happen when unloading a reference in VP2
MAYA-45977 Fixed customShader crash with remove duplicate shader networks
MAYA-48575 Fixed the devkit dx11Shader solution so that it can compile with VS 2012 when linked against the Effects11 lib from the DX SDK
MAYA-48706 Fixed an issue where VP2 and DX11 mode can consume excessive amounts of memory when playing joint animation
MAYA-48917 Fixed slow operation on a file texture node when image sequence is large and is stored on a network drive
MAYA-49437 Fixed a memory leak when using the footPrint devkit example in VP2
MAYA-52186 Fixed an issue where memory usage in VP1 increases every time the image sequence cache is reset on a File Texture node
UI Node Editor
MAYA-40842 Fixed an issue with the node editor where Maya is unresponsive while scene graph gets processed
MAYA-34214 Fixed XGen objects not rendering with batch render
MAYA-36823 Fixed batch render when XGen scene has 2 or more descriptions/collections
MAYA-41661 Fixed batch render not working with namespace
MAYA-46708 Fixed VP2 population of XGen archives when two .xarcs point at one .abc file
MAYA-52462 Fixed an issue with XGen AnimWires when there is more than one description


The following section describes limitations and workarounds (where applicable) about this release.
Bug Number Description
MAYA-33899 Bifröst voxels (on the bifrostShape) do not draw in the viewport on Mac.
Workaround: Simply use the particle display type.
Data Transfer
MAYA-51412 On Macintosh, when importing and exporting DWG or DXF files, using DXF_DCE or DWG_DCE will cause Maya to hang.
Workaround: Use DAE_FBX when importing these file types.
MAYA-36267 Mac: Non-English OS and Region Settings cause command-line renders to have no reflections (German language).
Workaround: Use this environment variable for a non-English OS region: export LC_NUMERIC="en_US.UTF-8"
MAYA-33569 When "Use default material" is enabled while using Viewport 2.0, the following objects may not display in the viewport: -Objects assigned the Surface Shader, Use Background shader, Layered Shader or Shading Map -IBL node (mentalrayIblShape) -Grease pencil -Fluids
Workaround: Disable "Use default material" or use the Legacy Default Viewport instead.


Anonymous said...

There's a bug in SP6 that breaks the render settings panel

Jeroen Hoekstra said...

thanks ..