Qatar 3d city street map 3D model

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Almost accurate representation of Qatar, with all cities including Doha. Buildings and roads, streets are modelled using real world data from open street map. The heights and shapes are identical from open street map data. Please note that there may be missing buildings because no such real world data available in the repository.

All buildings are low poly and no textures applied. in order to easily apply textures the scene is loaded with basic materials.

For user convenience the scene is arranged hierarchically,

Primary roads
Other roads
Extra details

If you are using Cinema 4d you can easily adjust the width of each roads. The extra details section only included in the Cinema 4d, it is not necessary for architectural and film use. But if you are using for scientific and study purpose it may come handy.

The scene file is centred to the 0,0,0 axis and rotated to North. Scene file is set in centimetres.

Before purchasing thoroughly check the accompanying images. There is no texture, lighting, environment data are included. 
This scene file is perfect for architectural, vfx renderings. You can easily apply projection mapping of real world images. If you are planning to use in games some works required.
** Feel free to ask for file conversion**

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Doha pearl 3d Arab island desert town Qatar 2020

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