Riyadh city 3d model for architectural visualization

Hello its been a while I am away from FermiCG. I started to sell model online now a days. You can see my latest cityscape model Riyadh city of Kingdom Saudi Arabia. It is modeled using open street map data and buildings later cherished with detailed buildings, roads, street lights etc. Due to some restrictions I couldn't add height map data. But this one is more than enough for your architectural and other commercial works.

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This is almost accurate representation of Riyadh City of Saudi Arabia. Main monuments are modeled based on the photo references. Rest of the buildings are low poly structures. Roads, streets, and ground data are built on Open Street Map data. No elevation data or height map. No under passages and bridges included.
Please note that the scene is not accurate for scientific and other researches. You can use this for architectural, animation and film use. For game use please check with the owners of the buildings. (You may have require a license in order to use the monuments in a game).

The units and building heights are not accurate.
Monuments include,
Kingdom Tower.

The scene is separated with Monuments, buildings (low poly buildings in section, you need to use separate command in your application in order to access individual buildings),lights, street, road, ground, grass etc. In order to apply texture/material the scene is loaded with basic material.

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