Mexico City 3d model

mexico city 3d model
mexico city 3d model
mexico city 3d model
mexico city 3d model
mexico city 3d model
mexico city 3d model


3d representation of MEXICO CITY using 2019 map data. 

This scene contains details of buildings, roads, land details, area details, airport, railway and water details.

File formats include,
C4D - curves, polygons, nurbs with editable parameters. 
FBX - polygon
OBJ- polygon
3DS- polygon
SVG- 2d vector file (illustrator 8)
texture- hdr sky, grass,ground

Clean scene with properly grouped elements. All objects are properly arranged and added with proper name and materials. For user convenience the scene has proper hierarchy with layers, materials and groups.

Buildings are extracted from real world data. There are random buildings added to some areas where real world data is partially available (missing height details). 

Scene include following groups/objects (depending on the original data some parts may be missing)

   aerodrome apron taxiway terminal
   random   apartments    farm    hotel    house    detached 
   residential    dormitory    terrace    houseboat    bungalow 
   static_caravan    cabin    commercial    office    industrial 
   retail    etc. 
   motorway   trunk    primary    secondary    tertiary 
   unclassified    residential    motorway_link    trunk_link 
   primary_link    secondary_link    tertiary_link 
   living_street    service    pedestrian    track 
   bus_guideway    escape    raceway    road    Paths
   footway    bridleway    steps    path   cycleway
   construction   proposed   rest_area   
   commercial    construction    industrial    residential 
   wood   tree_row   tree   scrub   heath   moor   grassland
   abandoned    construction    disused    funicular 
   light_rail    miniature    monorail    narrow_gauge 
   preserved    rail    subway    tram
   river   riverbank   stream   wadi   drystream   canal   drain
   ditch   fairway   dock   boatyard   dam   weir   stream_end
   waterfall   lock_gate

You can easily hide any layer/groups for better visualization. 
Due to small size and minimum details this scene can be easily loaded.
Materials can easily be changed and altered.
Adding texture is easy, thanks to unique materials for each sections.
Contains procedural textures which is not exported in FBX,OBJ,3ds

Map data : OpenStreetMap contributors

MAP ZOOM =11.45
Ratio: 1:155 687
3d scene scale : 1:1
Scene unit: cm

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