Multi Point Bucket Elevator 3D mode

Multi Point Bucket Elevator 3D mode

Multi point bucket elevator is used for Food processing lines.

Renders are achieved using Cinema 4d standard render You will get the same render simply hitting render.


Download the accompanying texture file also and unrar near c4d file.

File formats include.

C4d mograph : Need broadcast/studio version to open. Contains Cloner objects with effectors which drive animation of the elevator.
Multi Point Bucket Elevator 3D mode
C4D baked:Any edition can open the file, including c4d lite. Cloner mograph objects are converted to geometry. Mograph animation is baked in to key frames.

FBX : Contains animated polygon with baked key frames. 
Multi Point Bucket Elevator 3D mode
OBJ : Static polygon

Texture : Different textures.

Properly modeled with minimum poly count for faster visualization. All parts are UV mappedand applied materials with textures.

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