Maya Mash Instance Collision


Learn to add collision (rigid body dynamics) to instance mesh in Maya. 

Download scene file here


Make human characters easily blender and other 3d applications

n this video I am going to show you an easy way to create human characters easily. Using a free 3d application named Makehuman you can easily create human characters male to female, baby to old, African to Asian with adjusting some sliders. The characters made are ready to animate with bone and skin, textures and key shapes. You can import the character in Cinema 4d, Blender, Maya, unity, Unreal or any 3d application which supports fbx, dae, obj. stl import. Even photoshop can support obj. Install the free Makehuman application and create unlimited characters free.  

Watch the tutorial in YouTube : https://youtu.be/X9oSVMLC0Ak

Download Make Human Program here

Download the scene files here


Blender musicals Learn to create musical motion graphics with Blender Tutorial Reloaded

music sound animation in blender

In this tutorial you will get a clear idea about creating music reactive animations or motion graphics with in Blender. Adding music and making sound reactive animation is easy in Blender if you know the settings. This tutorial is an actual recreation of 6 years old tutorial.

Download the scene file


How to remove copyright claim in YouTube video with in 1 minute: Replace music or audio

In this quick video I am going to show you how to find and remove the copyright content in your You tube video. In my uploaded videos some of them have copyright issue because of third party music content. When they claimed it You tube disabled monetization for those videos. I had to search on different forums and websites to remove that music without re uploading the full video.

Make 3d Manga characters in Blender or any 3d application easily -Vroid studio Tutorial

In this video am going to show you a cool plug in and app for Blender to create 3d Manga/ hentai characters. I used Blender however any 3d application can make use of this tool. You need to download Vroid Studio and adjust some sliders, that is it. You created beautiful animation ready rigged 3d manga characters.

What is VRoid Studio?
VRoid Studio is an application to create 3D models of humanoid avatars (i.e. characters). This application runs on Windows and Mac and can be used for free by anyone. 3D models created with VRoid Studio are available on various VR/AR contents as avatars, both for commercial and non-commercial use.
A user simply has to create one character using VRoid Studio and they can use that character as their avatar on various VR/AR platforms that support the VRM format. Recently, 3D models are vastly employed in VR/AR environments as Avatars to communicate with others, as Virtual YouTubers and more.
3D modeling software also tend to be perceived as very hard to use, requiring a very specific set of skills; even creators excelling in the 2D art field might have a hard time modeling their characters according to their own imagination, and the process itself can take a great amount of time.
However, up until now, creating a character from zero has been something that very few people could do. The character maker VRoid Studio solves all these problems, as its ease of use allows anyone to create their ideal characters. Anyone can create content using 3D .
3DCG, which was once only available in movie production studios, is now used to create familiar content such as animations and games for smartphones.
With the philosophy of "creating a place where creative activities can be more enjoyable," pixiv aims to create a world where everyone can engage in and enjoy creating. The VRoid project aims to provide many people with an environment where they can have their own 3D characters and create works using them and enjoy communication in VR / AR space. The hair designing feature lets you model hair with the tip of your pen.Give them volume and movement
The eyes, face, and body parts that give a character their personality can all be freely combined and adjusted.Various facial expression sets such as emotions and eye blinks are automatically generated in models you create.
Simply draw hair bundles with the pen tool and adjust the parameters to swiftly model your character's hairstyle.Add hair sway thanks to the intuitive bone settings. Use the pressure-sensitive pen tool to draw textures just as you like The texture editing feature is compatible with pressure sensitivity, and you can even create layers.You can draw both on your 3D model directly or in UV mode and see the changes in real time. The characters' face and body features can be easily optimized with sliders

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AI paint:Anybody can paint, Turn your MS paint doodles to realistic paintings using Nvidia Gaugan

As the Artificial Intelligence AI advances, artist are getting worried, check this video. It is a prototype program called Gaugan by Nvidia research that can make beautiful paintings/landscapes from simple doodles. Just make some strokes and fills using mouse( just like MS paint, remember the old days) click the button, bang you will get a beautiful painting based on the AI algorithm. Just watch the video till the end and try the program. It is absolutely free.

And sorry for the sound, I am having cold. 
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Fifine Studio Mic (50$): https://amzn.to/38YFR5m
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Here is the link to AI paint Gaugan: http://nvidia-research-mingyuliu.com/gaugan
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Batch process and rename photos easily in less than a minute

In this tutorial I will show you an easy way to batch process your photos and images using Xnview. Using this free software you can easily change the numbering sequence, image extension and other stuffs easily.



Record Clear Voice like a professional with Voicemeeter

Recording a crystal clear voice is a nightmare for majority of the YouTubers. Many of them including me thought that in order to get a clear voice you need to use costly set up including microphone, DJ, RJ sound device setups. But you can record your voice without any noise and interference without any of the above setup. Just install a free app named Voicemeeter in your PC and setup mic( even you can use inbuilt mic of your laptop or the cheapest mic attached to the headphone) and record/ stream the audio. You can adjust the gain bass and other features with in the app while streaming or recording. Isn't that cool? 
Why remove noise in the editing or post while you can cancel it while recording? No need to use Audacity/Soundbooth/audition/premiere/Resolve for noise removal and normalizing. Absolutely no editing needed. 
No post processing is done in this video. So what you hear is what I recorded. 
Please watch the video till the end and setup the PC. It is better to watch this video in your mobile while setting up your PC. 

Download the software : https://www.vb-audio.com/Voicemeeter/