Main Stage Presentation - Chaos Group at CG Event Moscow 2012

Get a sneak peak on what is going on Chaos Group- the makers of Vray. This video contains
  • Latest developments in V-Ray for Maya
  • Phoenix FD for Maya,
  • V-Ray for Nuke


Flickering pixie particle effect with particle sprite in Maya tutorial

Maya particles are awesome to create interesting effect. Particle sprites are too good for creating pixie particle effect because you can add your own textures to the particles. Sprites are light and useful compared to other particle forms. You can easily control the sprite particles with dynamics as well as with expressions. Customizing the sprite with expressions you can create mind blowing pixie particle effect with lesser effort.

In this tutorial you can learn about different sprite settings, expressions, sprite wizard and so on. Go through the tutorial and create some awesome particle effects.


Autodesk mudbox 2014 announced

Today Autodesk announced 2014 version of Mudbox. There are some improvements in features and performance. Added features include new advanced retoplogy function, added multi touch support for tabs and other touch enabled devices. More details can be get from Autodesk official website.

Autodesk 3ds Max 2014 announced

Autodesk recently announced the release of 3ds max 2014. It include major improvements in features and performance. Autodesk added vector map support and particle m flow particles to 3ds max. You can get more details on Autodesk official site

Watch these videos to know more about the update


Autodesk Maya 2014

Autodesk recently announced Maya 2014. Maya 2014 include major improvements in function and performance. Added Grease Pencil tool which is already present in Blender!!! Added more functionality to node editor, Paint effects (at last some improvements to the paint effects tool),file path editor, joint tool, modelling workflow etc. are improved. Also included a new scene assembly tool. Watch all the details below.

Autodesk 2014 products announced

Today Autodesk announced its 2014 version of products. The updated products include
Autodesk 3ds max 2014
AutoCAD 2014
Maya 2014
Mudbox 2014
Soft Image 2014
All the packages have major improvements in performance and features. Watch the following video about official announcements of Autodesk 2014 products


Maya Rendering Tutorial-Ambient Occlusion

occlusion rendering
What is rendering? You may know the answer very well. May be you did several renders before. It may be photorealistic, animation or architectural rendering or visualization. But you need to consider the ambient occlusion also. Whether you are using Autodesk Maya or any other 3d software, ambient occlusion will add depth to your renders. In this tutorial you will learn two techniques to add ambient occlusion to your final renders. Please note that this tutorial will cover only the render pass, not the compositing part. If you need a compositing portion please drop a comment.

Ambient occlusion with Maya Layer preset

  For those who don’t want to see a YouTube streaming video/ or don’t have accesses to the high speed inter net I am adding a text version also. Please go through the steps.

1. Prepare you scene first. Add materials and lighting.
2. Add render settings properly.
3. Select all the geometry in the scene excluding lights, particles and other non-render able objects. Create a new render layer and add selected geometries to that layer.
4. Rename the layer to AO
5. Right click on the AO layer and select attributes. (If you are using Maya 2009 and older this option may vary. You have to select presets instead)
6. Click the preset tab in AO attribute and chose Occlusion.
7. This will create a surface shader and a mib amb occlusion shader. And also automatically adjust mental ray settings for the occlusion pass.
8. Click on the mib amb occlusion tab and adjust the parameters.
9. Before adjusting the parameters you can do a test render first. Render the current frame and check how much noise is coming and how bright the render is.
10. If too much noise is coming, increase the samples to 32 from 16. This will reduce the noise. A value of 64 will give satisfactory result. A value of 100 will give a better result without any noticeable noise. But this will increase the render time. If you have a good rendering service such as studio rendering or render farm this won’t be a big problem. But you are on a personal computer and want to render out a big scene with occlusion!!!
11. Now we need to adjust the spread black colour i.e. the occlusion. Click on the max distance and adjust the value as necessary. You can start from 1. According to my scene scale 1 value of 5 give the satisfactory result. The value may vary according to the scene scale. A value 1 represents 1 Maya grid unit.
12. Save the scene and do a batch render and composite in your favourite post production software.

Ambient occlusion with Mental Ray layer preset

1. Change the renderer to Mental Ray.
2. Follow the steps 1 to 3 from above procedure
3. Change the layer name to beauty.
4. Right click on the Beauty layer and select Add new render pass>Ambient occlusion
5. Repeat the steps from 8 to 12 from the above procedure.


diamond 3d mesh free

diamond 3d model
Need a properly cut 3d diamond for your project. Download this 3d diamond with brilliant cut. You may use this model in your commercial project also. Please respect my effort to model this. So do not share it or upload any where. You can share a link to this page instead.

Click the download link below. The download link will lead to the download page. You may see interstitial ads before download begins.

The download will be in 7 zip format. You need to download and install 7 zip program first.

File formats include

  • Blend
  • Obj
  • Fbx
  • 3ds

Get the download link by clicking and sharing one of the button below.

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Billiards free 3d mesh

Want to play some billiards. Download this free 3d mesh with all the textures. You can use this free mesh in your commercial and non commercial projects.Click the download link below and you will redirect to download page. Download page may show sponsored advertisements. Use 7 zip to extract the downloaded files.

billiards_B_cam_02Mesh formats include
Please do not redistribute the mesh files in any form. You may link to this page

Get the download link by clicking and sharing one of the button below.

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Chess Board 3d mesh free download

chess board 3d
Want to add some 3d models into your 3d project. Download this free 3d chess board mesh with all the pieces including white and black. Download this free mesh and use it in your free or commercial project. The download link will redirect you to the download page. You may see sponsored advertisement at the download page.
Download contains a 7zip file. You need to download 7zip.
The chess board 3d mesh is available at the following formats

  • 3Ds
  • OBJ
  • FBX
  • Blend

Materials and textures included.
Please do not upload or distribute this anywhere. You may share a link to this page instead.

Get the download link by clicking and sharing one of the button below.

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Slow rendering? Fix it yourself!

Most of the time you may face this problem in cg field,especially if you are doing a photo realistic render,i.e. architecture rendering. You may aware that several factors affect render time. Remember I already covered about the Mental ray rendering tips for Maya. Anyway this article is different. It is nor going to cover any 3d application or render software. This article is intended for windows users who are working on their home computer. If you are a Mac or Linux user you may get 50% improvements  with this article. If you want to tweak your work computer please ask your system administrator to do so.
    Before discussing the steps I like to share the motivation behind this article. While working with small studios I realised most of the cg artists are unaware of hardware and system tweaks. If you don't know about the capacity of your system how could you optimize it? Computer of an animator or cg artist is like a sports car. You need to repair  every part before a race(render). Seems too complicated? Just follow these steps, you will get the top performing system for heavy render.

Viruses and mal ware programs are the main reason for the slowing down of your system. They steal your private information such as password,credit card information etc. Viruses and mal ware can harm your system even if there is antivirus installed. Windows user are the main target of these viruses. But now Linux user need to worry. I don't know about Mac.

   I recommend Avast free antivirus. It can be installed to PC and Linux. You can get a mobile version also. Avast has several advantage over other free antivirus. You can search it on Google, Bing, yahoo etc. If you are using a paid antivirus continue it. Instal avast. Update and scan for viruses. If found any viruses use recommended action and do boot scan also.

2.Hardware upgrading
    Hardware is the most important part of your system. Try to upgrade the graphics card, processor, ram, mother board etc. This is the most recommended but less practical method.

3. Software upgrading
Upgrade your operating system such as Windows, Linux and Mac to the latest version. Also upgrade your favourite applications such as Autodesk Maya, 3ds Max, cinema 4d, blender etc to the latest edition. This is also a high priority task but less practicable except for Linux and Blender users.
4. Update the driver and software
Don't confuse with the above step.Regularly update the system driver and 3d software. Most people ignore tis step,but this is very very important. Software drivers are the  major part in controlling your PC. At least try to update the graphics card and chip set drivers. Vendors like nvidia and ATI regularly release new drivers for their product. Updated drivers add extra functionality,performance improvement and bug fixes. Also update your OS and 3d software. All these updates are free. So you can download without spending any money!

5. Defragment hard disc regularly
           Files in your system will be cluttered and fragmented after continuous use. This will drastically affect system speed. Thus increase render time. This problem is seen in windows only. Regularly Defragment hard disc using inbuilt defragmenter or use powerful and automated intelligent tools such as iobit system defragmenter or defraggler. Both are free.

6. Clean the registry and system
         After a long use your system is filled with unwanted files. Windows user have to face another problem, the registry dumps. These problems will slow down your system and eat enormous amount of space also. Affect the rendering. Use programs such as iobit advanced system care, Tuneup utilities, CC cleaner, Glary utilities etc.

7. Tweak the system process, services and startup programs
     Limit or stop the unwanted system processes and services . This will free the ram and processor and the render can be fastened.

          These are some steps I used for speeding up my system and rendering.