Batch process and rename photos easily in less than a minute

In this tutorial I will show you an easy way to batch process your photos and images using Xnview. Using this free software you can easily change the numbering sequence, image extension and other stuffs easily.



Record Clear Voice like a professional with Voicemeeter

Recording a crystal clear voice is a nightmare for majority of the YouTubers. Many of them including me thought that in order to get a clear voice you need to use costly set up including microphone, DJ, RJ sound device setups. But you can record your voice without any noise and interference without any of the above setup. Just install a free app named Voicemeeter in your PC and setup mic( even you can use inbuilt mic of your laptop or the cheapest mic attached to the headphone) and record/ stream the audio. You can adjust the gain bass and other features with in the app while streaming or recording. Isn't that cool? 
Why remove noise in the editing or post while you can cancel it while recording? No need to use Audacity/Soundbooth/audition/premiere/Resolve for noise removal and normalizing. Absolutely no editing needed. 
No post processing is done in this video. So what you hear is what I recorded. 
Please watch the video till the end and setup the PC. It is better to watch this video in your mobile while setting up your PC. 

Download the software : https://www.vb-audio.com/Voicemeeter/


Facebuilder Build 3d face in Blender with in minutes

In this video I will show you a cool technique to build realistic 3d head from real photographs. You can either use a single photo or series of photos to model the head. Believe it or not there is no modeling going on this tutorial. Just install the free plugin, place the default head, load the photographs, add some markers(pins) and adjust. Voila.. you just made the head exactly the same as the photo.
Download the plugin before it become commercial : https://www.keentools.io/facebuilder (use the blender one)

Sea castle Environment creation in Twinmotion tutorial

In this video I will show you how I created the realistic seascape environment.