Abstract animation using primitives and textures

           This is the second part of Mograph Maya series. Maya is a powerful software.Everyone learn the animation technique but no one experiments with the basic functions in Maya. Creating abstract things in Maxon Cinema 4D is very simple and interesting.I have found a lot of videos about those kind of things.As a Motiongrapher I have to deal with those kind of effect regularly.But I am using Maya only.I Googled for getting some tutorials about those things in Maya but got nothing interesting.So I started experimenting with the different parameters in
Maya mostly the basic tools such as primitives and deformers.For my surprise Maya gave some good results. I experimented more with the transforms, child relationship and many other stuffs.I have found a lot of techniques similar to the Mograph in Maxon Cinema 4D.I agree it is not as much as easy as Cinema 4d and it is little bit confusing.But once you have find the real way you can create the magical graphics. I will create and upload the Mograph series tutorial in Maya regularly (whenever I get time!) so you people can get the ideas.

                     MoGraph-Creating abstract animation in Maya using primitives and texturesMoGraph-Creating abstract animation in Maya using primitives and textures
These are the Preview Renders I got after slightly changing the techniques and primitives.