Procedural animation tutorial in Maya-Abstract dancing Cubes

Doing Mograph things in Maya is pretty tricky.You have to manually do each and everything here and there.Hmm....I know you are thinking about MEL. Yaa I agree if you know MEL you can do things much better and easier way in Maya.Anyway I am using manual technique for this tutorial. This  is a quick one.It only covers the animation part.I don't think rendering these kind a thing will be a problem to you all.
Carefully practice the technique because there will be a lot of things you can do in same manner.I am preparing some lessons also. You have to experiment with parenting, pivoting and world and local transformations. Here we go.

                            Rendering with Mental ray with some reflection and refraction and  with some nice lighting will do the trick. Get the real dynamics to this cubes by following Adding dynamics to Mograph cubes in Maya
 abstract cube dance2_Maya_mograph
abstract cube dance5_Maya_mograph
abstract cube dance4_Maya_mograph
abstract cube dance3_Maya_mograph