Soup For Maya

soup_plug in for MayaSoup Development plug in is node based plug in resource for Autodesk Maya. Soup contains a set of plug ins that extends procedural, dynamic and other capabilities of Maya. Soup is actually developed by Peter Shipkov. Due its complexity and lack of good tutorials Soup remains silent in the CG world. Only technically knowledge people could get the result with this plug in. But now things are changing. More people are using Soup and slowly there are some tutorials are publishing. FermiCG will provide some tutorials on Soup soon.
Soup is a free tool so anyone can use it on their commercial and non-commercial projects. If you are a dynamics or motion graphics artist practicing Soup plug in can deliver some fabulous effects very easily. It is something similar to ICE node in Soft Image.

Newton- Rigid body plug in for After effects

newton rigid body dynamics for after effectsMotion Boutique Newton plug in provide rigid body dynamics to Adobe After effects. It is the first plug in providing such functionality in After effects.
Newton interprets each 2D layer in AE as rigid body and applies dynamics on them. It is very fast and easy to use plug in. Once the simulation is completed the dynamics is converted to key frames. Newton is a must have plug in for motion graphic artist.


Golf Ball 3d Free download

golf ball 3d modelHighly detailed  quality 3d golf ball for free download. You can use it in your commercial and non commercial works. Please do not redistribute this anywhere.
File formats included
Golf ball.3ds   golf ball.blend  golf ball.fbx  golf ball.obj  golf ball.ply  golf ball.stl   golf ball.dae
Do the following action to get the download link. Downloads are saved in 7zip format. You must have free 7zip application to extract the files.

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Path deform- plug in for Houdini

path deform houdini tutorialHoudini, the most used 3d animation tool in visual effects by Hollywood studios. In this tutorial you will learn about a new custom tool named Soptools pathdeform. Pathdeform is a part of Soptools which is a set of plug in developed by Adam Swaab, for Houdini.
Soptools pathdeform uses a curve as a deformer. Objects can be fit to the curve or maintain their scale. There are options for moving along the curve, scaling along the curve, twisting along the curve, banking, and extending the curve.


emTopolizer-ICE node Geometry cache

emtopolizer cache nodes Softimage ice tutorialLearn the ICE nodes and its use from the experts. In this tutorial you will learn about the pre-sets present in the Mootzoid- emTopolizer. The author will show you the use of Geometry writer, Geometry reader and geometry free reader. These are some tools available to cache your geometry in to the disc. I.e. after caching the geometry animation you can apply that animation cache to deform other geometry, modify the topology of the animated mesh without any problem. The working example of an animated Dinosaur mesh ease the learning process little bit. Anyway this tutorial requires a little bit ICE experience.

Blender 2.64 available for download

blender 2.64
Blender 2.64is released. This release contains all the major updates and plug ins till date.This release is more concentrated on the movie and vfx platforms. Tightly integrated full vfx pipeline, improved motion tracking with planar tracking, easier green screen and new mask editor are the new addition to this release of Blender. Besides this improved Cycles render, tile based compositing,advanced color management, improved game engine and sculpting etc are the new attractive features.


3d text with dancing LEDs and glow effect

3d text with dancing leds and glow effectThis is another exclusive tutorial for FermiCG fans. In this tutorial you will learn to create a 3d text intro with animated dancing LEDs or pixies with animated glow effect. The entire effect is created on Maya. You will get some cool trick to achieve these kinds of effects with in Maya. In this tutorial I will cover Text tool, Bevel plus, Text as curves for custom effects, lighting technique for motion graphics, custom reflection (the curvy reflection seen in product rendering such as mobile phones, monitors etc.), animated texture with paint effects and custom glow.


Colima- Edit the scene after rendering!

colima motiva edit after renderColima a new post production plugin developed by Motiva is today’s special software. With Colima you can easily change the scene after rendering. And it is software independent that means you can easily customize your rendered image with Colima even if you are using Maya, 3Ds Max, Softimage or Modo. You have to render the image as open exr with custom passes and import them in Colima and you are ready to change the final render. You can use rendered image in this application no 3d data is supported. You can easily add post render effects such as lens blur, bokeh,etc. Easily change colours, textures, reflections, refractions and global illumination and lighting.


JM Scatter-ICE plug in for Soft Image

jm scatter ICE interactive toolICE or Interactive Creative Environment is highly powerful programming environment with in Soft Image. You can create awesome effects, tools and plug ins with this amazing program. In this video the author demonstrates the capability of the new plug in he developed with ICE.
This is not a tutorial, but I liked the capability of this new tool JM Scatter.