How to: Animated coil in Maya tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn about creating animated spiral coil in Maya. Creating a circular spiral is easy if you use bonus tools for Maya. But if you want rectangular or rounded rectangular shape for the spiral, the process will be difficult. In this tutorial you will learn how to easily manipulate shapes for creating complex curves. Later we will add paint fx to get extruded surface and animate the property to get a growing animation. We will explore a couple of ways to render the animated spiral.

Arabic text in After effects

In this tutorial you will learn easy and quick way to add Arabic text in After effects. You can animate and add preset to this Arabic text in after effects easily.

Golden text in Maya tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn how to create extruded text in Maya, adding fake golden shaders for quick rendering. You will learn about environmental texture node in Maya to create fake reflection.This tutorial purely focus on motion graphics aspect. At the end you will learn how to composit the final render in after effects, to add blur, glow etc.

Maya 2016 is released

Autodesk released Maya 2016 recently. Maya has a lot of improvements and additional features than the previous versions. The biggest change is that the licence is now changed to cloud subscription just like Adobe cloud subscription. That means you can get a Maya 2016 license for one month or two months. It will cost around $200 per month depending on your region.

Here is the new features of Maya 2016

Find all new Maya 2016 features HERE