How to render ink drop fluid stimulation in Maya Kids mode

Long ago FermiCG published a tutorial about stimulating ink drop effect in Maya. Any way we didnt show anything about rendering in that video. People are not seemed to be worry with that. So we also forget. But recently more people asking for a video tutorial for that.

So here is the tutorial. How to render ink drop fluid simulation in Maya Kids Mode!!!

Sorry guys (Who asked about the tutorial) I am just joking.... This is a beginner level tutorial. During my studies I am also a beginner, I asked several questions in several areas and people shouted at me. 


So don't worry, If you have any doubt just ask me, I will help you if I can. Don't ask me how to make him bigger!!!

Watch the tutorial

What is new Autodesk Maya 2016 extension 2 and probably in Maya 2017

Recently  Autodesk announced the Maya 2016 extension 2. Registered users on subscription can freely download it from AD account management.
So what is new in Maya 2016 extension 2?
Is it a minor release or not?

Well it is a major release with good amount of stuffs like

new render layer manager
Mash for Motion graphics
New rigging tools
Reworked bifrost andXgen
with several additions and improvements for modelling.

Read more about the Maya 2016 extension 2 @ Autodesk Area Blog

What to expect in Maya 2017?

Well Autodesk show some cool features in NAB 2016, which include several improvements and addition in modeling and motion graphics.

You can jump to Autodesk official Youtube channel.