Mineral water bottle modeling tutorial by FermiCG

In this tutorial you will learn about modeling a mineral water bottle in Cinema4d. We will start with creating basic shape with curves then using different nurbs modeling techniques we finish the bottle model. I used a non destructive way for creating this bottle so we can make any changes to the shape of the bottle later. Once finish modeling we will add more details such as pattern and extruded logos to the bottle.
Later we will discuss about creating clear plastic materials inside Cinema 4d thea render and corona render.
You will also learn to bake normal and displacement maps inside cinema 4d.
In the last part you will learn to create thin glass or thin plastic materials inside cinema 4d render. You also learn to create water drops without using any 3rd party plugins. You also get several tips to optimize the scene so the final rendering will be super fast. Imagine with all these details reflection and refraction using cinema 4d standard render you can get a full hd render with in seconds. Finally using photoshop we will add depth of field aka depth blur.


Animated patterns in After effects tutorial by FermiCG

Hi in this quick video tutorial you will learn to animate patterns inside After effects. We will start with importing downloaded vector illustrator file.Using After effects internal commands we will convert Illustrator file to shapes and paths.Once you get the after effects path you can do crazy effects and animations. We will just do some simple tasks such as filling path and doing trim animation so the path look like growing from nothing. By the help of some expression we can do automatic pattern animation.
Hope this tutorial help you guyz creating some amazing stuffs inside After effects.