Particle instance tutorial

particle instancing
Particle dynamics is a wonderful addition to the 3d software. In Maya you can create a wide variety of effects using particle dynamics. Instancing is the commonly used method to create mind blowing Hollywood effect and motion graphics. In Maya particle instancing is easy and more productive. You can control the instancer using custom expressions and attributes. This technique gives maximum freedom to technical artist to create whatever he like to do. But these possibility can be achieved only if you know Maya well and some scripting.

In this half an hour length video tutorial you will learn the basics as well as some advanced functions of Maya particle instancing. This tutorial is more towards motion graphics but using the same technique you can create debris of blast and other possible instance of dynamic object. Please note that this tutorial skips some basic of dynamics and collision attributes because those are not necessary for this tutorial.


Cricket Ball 3d free download

cricket ball 3d free fbx 3ds max c4dGiveaway of the day. You can use this 3d cricket ball in your commercial and non commercial use. Please respect our effort to create this. So please do not upload or publish it anywhere  And do not redistribute it. You may link to this page if you want to share.
Formats includes cricket ball.3ds, cricket ball.obj  cricket ball.fbx, cricket ball.dae for collada.
Do the following action to get the download link. Downloads are saved in 7zip format. You must have free 7zip application to extract the files.

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nparticles for motion graphics

nparticle dynamicsParticle dynamics in Maya is very useful for creating realistic natural effects such as rain, dust, snow etc. It is very handy in creating secondary debris, explosions, smoke, liquid, pixies or similar effects. But you may not that much familiar with the particle in motion graphics. In this tutorial you will learn to create a simple but attractive motion graphic effect with Maya dynamics particles.
Usually beginners are confused with the Maya dynamics because of its node nature and unwanted complexity. So we created this tutorial with lesser complexity in dynamics.


3D elight by DNA Research

3d elight a render man compliant render3delight is a Render man compliant renderer. It is free for both commercial and non-commercial use. The free version comes with support for 2 CPU cores. If you need multi-threading and multi cpu support you have to buy the commercial license.
But for learning purpose, personal or small studio rendering the free version is enough and valuable. If you are planning to get a touch with Render man 3delight is the best choice.
More over 3delight is photorealistic; point cloud based rendering solution with nearly physical accurate ray tracing. Many production studios use 3d elight as their primary renderer. 3d elight’s ability to work as standalone and as integrated renderer is suited for production pipeline.


Mash- mograph module for Maya

mash- mograph module for mayaArtist love Cinema 4d instead of Maya for creating Motion graphics works because of Cinema 4d’s excellent tools dedicated to Motion graphics. Artist can create amazing artwork with simply applying the scripts and Cinema 4d will deliver the art. But for Maya it is not possible. You have to go through the tedious process and do the maths your selves to create something in Mograph. Maya have all the tools and power to deliver what you imagine but you have more technical knowledge. After the innovation of Soup development plugin, Maya got more power and tools similar to ICE module in Soft Image. Soup also provided some basic functionality similar to Mograph modules. But it was Ian Waters who developed Mash a plug in to deliver Mograph functionality in Cinema 4d to Maya.