Autodesk Maya 2014 New features

maya 2014
Autodesk Maya 2014 is arrived and everyone is exploring the new features. Autodesk Maya expert Duncan Brinsmead explains the new features in this 1.25 hour length section. It was Duncan Brinsmead who developed the Paint effects, ndynamics and most other innovative technology in Maya. So watching this section will be very informative and you can learn how things actually work inside Maya. You can watch his previous sections by visiting Autodesk Area site.

In this Expert Challenge held on March 27, 2013, Maya expert Duncan Brinsmead explored the new features in Maya 2014. Learn more about Maya 2014 here: http://autode.sk/15Bfw5n

Particle instancing-animated growing plants on particle collision event rain dynamics

growing plants on rain drops
Dynamic simulation in Autodesk Maya is always fun. You can create awesome effects with the dynamics system inside Maya. In this tutorial you will learn to add animated instances to the particle collision event. We already covered about the instancing in Maya, particle collision event(rain dynamics) and dynamic growing plants. Combining these three techniques we can create plants growing rapidly when dynamically simulated rain particles hit the ground. You can also get the rain pruning effects (secondary droplets) etc.

You can also check our text based tutorial collision event growing plants.
Watch this You Tube video and create awesome effects and share it with us. Add your comments below.


Maya fluid effects tutorial- Ink drops

maya fluid effects
Maya fluid effect is a robust tool in Autodesk Maya which can produce wide varieties of effects such as fire, smoke etc. Due to its complexity and heavy resource usage it is difficult control and tweaks the fluid effects. There is a little tutorial about Maya fluid effects. In this tutorial you will learn about the Maya fluid effect and create some smoke or ink diffusion effect.

3D fluid effects will help you achieve a wide variety of effects and perhaps the most common is a basic smoke trail, but with a few variations can become something entirely different. Imagination is the key and this tutorial by Stuart Christensen covers some basic parameters of dealing in the settings and helps explain some of the controls that will broaden your "smoking" skills. Enjoy! Warning: This is habit forming in a good way!


Rain video animation Maya tutorial

rain video
Using particle dynamics in Maya you can create natural effects such as rain. In this tutorial you will learn about basic particle dynamics, fields, collision, collision events, secondary effects etc. By applying the very same technique you can create awesome effects.


Plant growing animation in Maya

growing plant animation
Using Maya you can create animated growing plant/ tree effect very easily. Maya have a robust paint effect system which is very useful for creating several effects including motion graphics to natural effects. In this tutorial you will learn to create a plant growing according to time in Maya.

You can also watch a text version of this tutorial with some particle rain effect http://www.fermicg.net/2011/12/growingpruning-plants-upon-particle.html

Fire tutorial using particle sprites in Maya

fire effect
Autodesk Maya is an excellent software. Using the in built particle dynamics in Maya you can create awesome effects. In this tutorial you will learn to create fire effect using particle sprites. If you are unfamiliar with particle sprites have a look at our previous tutorials http://www.fermicg.net/2013/04/particle-sprites-in-maya-tutorial.html

The tutorial include creating particles along a path and burning a text with fire.
Download the fire textures

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Particle sprites in Maya tutorial Random images

particle sprites
Continuing our particle sprite tutorial. If you missed the first part of this series watch http://www.fermicg.net/2013/03/flickering-pixie-particle-effect-with.html Particle sprites are awesome and easy tool to create a wide varieties of dynamic effects. In Maya particle sprites are more powerful and you can control the look and behaviour of them using expressions. Using particle sprite wizard you can add 9 different textures to the sprites. But it is very limited. In order to create a wide varieties of volumetric effects we need more texture to the sprite, So we need to manually assign them and control with certain expressions.Watch this video tutorial and you will be able to create awesome effects such as fire, smoke, dust etc. Wait for my upcoming particle sprites tutorial.


Blender for Maya artist 01- Settings

Blender is a wonderful free software with amazing 3d capabilities. Being opensource every one can produce, share, compile Blender with out any cost. Don't mis judge Blender because it is freely available. It is very powerful as other 3d software such as Autodesk Maya, 3ds max, Cinema 4d and Houdini. Blender have both advantage and disadvantage over these commercial 3d applications. It is true more and more artist learning to use Blender.

You can produce your own movie in Blender with out spending thousands of bucks!!!( a single Maya licence cost more than 3000 dollars). More Maya artist use Blender in their home. It is true there are several studios who uses Blender for their production.
Anyway I am so much interested in Blender. At first it was very difficult to learn Blender. Being a Maya artist shifting to a new 3d program is little bit confusing. It took a whole while to start things perfect for me. It is impossible to drop Maya and using Blender and Maya in same day is totally confusing. Anyway Blender have some preset for Maya artist. So started using that and now I use Maya in studio and Blender in House.

This tutorial is meant for Maya artist. So some of the common shortcuts and other items may not work correctly if you follow the default Blender document and tutorials.