How to add water droplets in Blender

water drops in blender
In this tutorial you will learn to add static water droplets in Blender. You will learn to 
add particles
hair particles
instance scale and rotation settings.
Software used : Blender 2.70 64 bit
Difficulty        : Beginner
Download       : Start scene Finished scene

Adding static water drop in Blender is relatively easy in Blender. But if you need the dynamic water drops, it is very complicated. However I found a way to do that. May be in the next tutorial I will discuss that. Adding static water by particle instancing is the great way to achieve believable effect with less time. In this tutorial I just used a single sphere for instancing. For more realism you can use different shaped water droplets(you need to sculpt/model it). In order to use different models at a time for instancing you need to group it and use that group under particles instead object.
You can use the scene file and study the techniques.Hmm...It is very basic. 
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Thomas said...

Hi. I don't get a download link for the chess set when I tweet as instructed. I have tried using both Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers (from Windows 8). How is this supposed to work? Is there supposed to be a Pop-up window with download after I tweet/share?

FermiCG said...

Are you sure you are signed in in twitter.
try this. Sign in with twitter. click on the tweet button just inside the post. Confirm the tweet and wait for 15-30 sec. You will get a download button (green)

Thomas said...

Yes, I was signed in with Twitter.
And I had to remove the tweet a number of times when retrying cause Twitter was telling me I already tweeted that message. I tried again today from both browsers with the same result. The tweets are visible from my Twitter account, but I get no download button, even after ten minutes. I only see the advertisements. I think I have pretty standard settings on my browsers, probably with some level of pop-blocking. But I don't normally have problems with download links.