How to download Octane 4 for free

Yes you read it right. Now you can download and use Octane render 4 for free without any restriction. That means no need to rush for pirated copies of octane 4 crack. The legal prime/ free copy of Octane will not contain any water mark or resolution restrictions, however you will be stuck with 2 Gpus and always connected to the internet. 

Inorder to get Octane 4 free you need to full fill the following criteria,
Either you must be an existing octane customer (your license will be freely upgraded to Octane 4)
Or you must be a student/ teacher having an educational email address ( It will be like Autodesk students free licence).

If you don fall under those categories, there is still a chance, Otoy is going to release a time restricted licence. But it is not confirmed, so wait for the public release.

Jump to Otoy website and grab your copy now

Update: Otoy is not giving free copy, confirmed. Instead you need to subscribe 20$/month for any available host 3d application. Regular license also available.

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falconking said...

Hi, I went to the Otoy site, but could not find anything about this free download. Any idea where can I find it ?