How to: Animated coil in Maya tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn about creating animated spiral coil in Maya. Creating a circular spiral is easy if you use bonus tools for Maya. But if you want rectangular or rounded rectangular shape for the spiral, the process will be difficult. In this tutorial you will learn how to easily manipulate shapes for creating complex curves. Later we will add paint fx to get extruded surface and animate the property to get a growing animation. We will explore a couple of ways to render the animated spiral.

Arabic text in After effects

In this tutorial you will learn easy and quick way to add Arabic text in After effects. You can animate and add preset to this Arabic text in after effects easily.

Golden text in Maya tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn how to create extruded text in Maya, adding fake golden shaders for quick rendering. You will learn about environmental texture node in Maya to create fake reflection.This tutorial purely focus on motion graphics aspect. At the end you will learn how to composit the final render in after effects, to add blur, glow etc.

Maya 2016 is released

Autodesk released Maya 2016 recently. Maya has a lot of improvements and additional features than the previous versions. The biggest change is that the licence is now changed to cloud subscription just like Adobe cloud subscription. That means you can get a Maya 2016 license for one month or two months. It will cost around $200 per month depending on your region.

Here is the new features of Maya 2016

Find all new Maya 2016 features HERE


how to solve Vray out of memory error, fatal error#

                It is often you will get this message, Vray out of memory, fatal error etc while trying to render large geometry, huge scene using Vray, especially if you use reflection and refraction. I got these errors during rendering a heavy scene using Vray for Maya. I tried several optimization method told by other artist (of course Googling). But no use. I checked my scene file several times, checked normals, deleted unwanted geometry, reduced the quality of renders, removed GI, bla..bla...But it is of no use. 
Then I found a simple tweak that helped me to render the whole scene. It may work or not for your situation. But let it a try.
OK here is the trick. Under Vray render settings change the render region subdivision to 32. And render the scene. If it fails again reduce it to 16. In my case using 16 tiles worked.
You can also experiment with the measurement type to spiral or other thing.

If you turned on view port subdivision rendering, turn it off. Use mesh smooth instead. This will allow the calculation faster and Vray will use less memory for rendering.

Hope this will solve your problem.


Maya 2015 service pack 6 is ready for download

Autodesk recently released  service pack 6 for Maya 2015. It is good to see they really care before releasing the maya 2016 version.

Download Autodesk Maya 2015 service pack 6 here

What's Fixed

The following list contains bug numbers and corresponding descriptions for issues fixed in this release.
Bug Number Description
Animation Character
MAYA-26591 Fixed Label option when mirroring skin weights
Animation General
MAYA-36250 Fixed a crash when deleting Create array items from geometryVarGroup
MAYA-44429 Fixed constraints to work with negative scaled hierarchies
MAYA-44814 Fixed a performance issue in Legacy viewport
MAYA-45305 Fixed a playblast error on network renders with mapped network drives
MAYA-45600 Fixed a performance issue in VP2 involving large numbers of connections
MAYA-45759 Fixed an issue where scaleConstraint evaluation was not consistent
MAYA-47116 Fixed a performance issue impacting some rigs
MAYA-50016 Fixed the filterCurve slowdown when motion trails are used
MAYA-50388 Fixed a crash when switching paint attributes in the Paint Attribute Tool
MAYA-51689 Fixed the setFaceVertexColors API
MAYA-50716 Fixed the Poodle security vulnerability with an update to SSL
MAYA-51628 Fixed an FBX import/export problem when blendShape items have the same short name
File Referencing
MAYA-48545 Fixed a crash when mayatomr plugin is loaded after a file has been referenced
MAYA-49175 Fixed an issue where removing a connectAttr edit would delete other connectAttr edits involving the same plug
FileIO Maya
MAYA-36608 Provided "unknownPlugin" MEL command to help remove non-existent plug-ins from the scene file
MAYA-40132 Fixed playback of image plane with movie texture on Mac
MAYA-50170 Fixed the cloud import plugin which was disabled due to Poodle (OpenSSL) security issues
MAYA-51551 Fixed renaming of multi-attribute
mental ray
MAYA-51275 Improved mental ray render times with procedural shaders/textures (ocean, fractal, etc.)
MAYA-36720 Fixed a crash that can happen when doing boolean operations on certain scenes
MAYA-42899 Modify the smoothing operation on meshes with crease data to make the UV behavior around the smooth more reliable
MAYA-43422 Fixed an issue where soft selection ignores lock status on lattice points
MAYA-44236 Fixed instanced nurbs display issue with surface precision set to high
MAYA-45553 Fixed Bevel tool on LMB release to make Offset as Fraction take account of the current linear unit
MAYA-45790 Fixed a performance issue in VP1 textured mode
MAYA-46320 Fixed a crash after deleting certain meshes
MAYA-46366 Allow selection of other meshes in edit pivot mode
MAYA-47931 Fixed MFnMesh::updateSurface in VP2
MAYA-48585 Fixed a crash when editing manipulator after Append To Polygon
MAYA-49252 Fixed a performance issue where transferring UV data in component space was slower in Maya 2015 than in Maya 2014
MAYA-50431 Fixed an issue where MFnDagNode.duplicate would scale some meshes in Python 2.0
MAYA-51073 Fixed an issue where the pivot manipulator translates incorrectly if the parent object has rotations
MAYA-52213 Fixed mesh getting scrambled upon vertex manipulation when tweak node is at the end of the chain
MAYA-37472 Fixed an issue where shadows are pixelated at grazing angles in VP2
MAYA-44070 Fixed the "Graph materials on selected object" function
MAYA-44860 Fixed an issue where MPxGeometryOverride is causing object to be culled unexpectedly from viewport
MAYA-44958 Fixed rig interaction when rotating the character rig in VP2
MAYA-45209 Fixed a performance issue when switching to VP2 and then back to Legacy viewport
MAYA-45261 Fixed memory usage and CPU utilization when opening an old file and switching the texture mode
MAYA-45950 Fixed a crash that can happen when unloading a reference in VP2
MAYA-45977 Fixed customShader crash with remove duplicate shader networks
MAYA-48575 Fixed the devkit dx11Shader solution so that it can compile with VS 2012 when linked against the Effects11 lib from the DX SDK
MAYA-48706 Fixed an issue where VP2 and DX11 mode can consume excessive amounts of memory when playing joint animation
MAYA-48917 Fixed slow operation on a file texture node when image sequence is large and is stored on a network drive
MAYA-49437 Fixed a memory leak when using the footPrint devkit example in VP2
MAYA-52186 Fixed an issue where memory usage in VP1 increases every time the image sequence cache is reset on a File Texture node
UI Node Editor
MAYA-40842 Fixed an issue with the node editor where Maya is unresponsive while scene graph gets processed
MAYA-34214 Fixed XGen objects not rendering with batch render
MAYA-36823 Fixed batch render when XGen scene has 2 or more descriptions/collections
MAYA-41661 Fixed batch render not working with namespace
MAYA-46708 Fixed VP2 population of XGen archives when two .xarcs point at one .abc file
MAYA-52462 Fixed an issue with XGen AnimWires when there is more than one description


The following section describes limitations and workarounds (where applicable) about this release.
Bug Number Description
MAYA-33899 Bifröst voxels (on the bifrostShape) do not draw in the viewport on Mac.
Workaround: Simply use the particle display type.
Data Transfer
MAYA-51412 On Macintosh, when importing and exporting DWG or DXF files, using DXF_DCE or DWG_DCE will cause Maya to hang.
Workaround: Use DAE_FBX when importing these file types.
MAYA-36267 Mac: Non-English OS and Region Settings cause command-line renders to have no reflections (German language).
Workaround: Use this environment variable for a non-English OS region: export LC_NUMERIC="en_US.UTF-8"
MAYA-33569 When "Use default material" is enabled while using Viewport 2.0, the following objects may not display in the viewport: -Objects assigned the Surface Shader, Use Background shader, Layered Shader or Shading Map -IBL node (mentalrayIblShape) -Grease pencil -Fluids
Workaround: Disable "Use default material" or use the Legacy Default Viewport instead.