Glass bottle in Blender Modeling tutorial

Hi. In this tutorial you will learn about the basic modeling tricks in Blender. We will discuss about the modeling of a photo realistic glass in Blender. Starting from a cylinder we will gradually add more details to the mesh.

Difficulty      : Beginners
Software      : Blender 2.68 a
Total time     : 15 minutes
Download the finished scene file  :  Download .blend file
Topics covered.
  • Primitive -Cylinder 
  • Mesh editing 
  • Edge loop cut and slide
  • Bevel edge 
  • Edge loop 
  • Fill hole 
  • subdivision modifier
  • Solidify modifier 
  • Glass material 
Glass Bottles in 3d
In the next part we will discuss about photo realistic rendering (studio lighting) set up in Blender.

Here is the quick text version
  • Open blender and delete the default cube.
  • Create a new cylinder from add object menu. (add>mesh>cylinder).
  • Change the depth (from tool box) to 6. Also turn on smooth preview.
  • Locate the object property panel in the right side, change the name to glass bottle.
  • Under display turn on wire and draw all edges.
  • Change to edit mode. Press 'a' to deselect all vertices.
  • Jump to front orthographic view and turn on wire frames.
  • In the tool shelf find loop cut and slide (you can find at add tab just below extrude).
  • Click it and create a cut at the center of the cylinder.
  • Change the number of cuts to 6.
  • De select all.
  • Select the bottom vertices (use b) and scale it to 0.75.
  • Select the second edge loop and move it down ward (z=-3.9).
  • Also select the 3rd edge loop and move it downward (z=0.9).
  • Select the 4th edge loop and move it to the center cut.
  • Select the 5,6 and 7th edge loops and scale it in z axis (z=0.3) and move it towards the top edge loop.
  • Select the 6th edge loop and scale it to 0.45.
  • Select 7th and 8th edge loops and scale it to 0.65.
  • Select the 4th edge loop and scale it to 0.75.
  • Change to edge mode and press ctrl+b to bevel and drag. Change the offset to 1 and segments to 4.
  • Select one edge from 2nd and 3rd edge loops and press ctrl+e and chose edge loop.
  • Do a bevel again.
  • Select the 5th edge loop and bevel it with 6 segments. offset 0.33 Also press smooth vertex under tool shelf.
  • Select 6th edge loop and bevel it.
  • Also do a bevel for 7th edge loop.
  • Change to solid mode then select the bottom and top faces of the cylinder and delete.
  • Then add a subdivision modifier and apply.
  • In the edit mode select the bottom edge loop and press 'f' to fill the hole.
  • In the object mode add a solidify modifier. Change the thickness to 0.07. Click apply.
  • Try smoothing the top edges a little bit.
  • Move the bottle in z=3
  • Use the origin to the 3d cursor.
  • Save the scene.
  • You can add a glass material under cycles for rendering.
In the next part we will discuss about studio lighting in Blender.
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