Audio Visualization in Blender tutorial

Blender is an excellent resource for Motion graphic jobs. In this tutorial you will learn to convert your music in to a cool 3d animation using Blender. Using the particle dynamics and sound keys it is easy to create cool music intros with in Blender.
Software   used  :  Blender 2.69 64 bit Windows edition
Difficulty           :  Intermediate
Download the finished blend file here
Topics covered:
  • Particle dynamics
  • Boid particles (separate, flock)
  • Particle collision
  • Particle instancing
  • Random effects
  • Keyframing the particle effects
  • Convering the fcurve to audio wave form using bake sound curve command.
  • Baking the dynamics
  • Particle info node
  • Randomizing the color values using particle info.
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