Blender 2.69 is released

Blender 2.69 is released today. It is definitely a Diwali gift for all Indians. In this version there is a lot of improvements and bug fix added than the previous one. Don't expect a ton of new features. There is cool addition of new features there but this release mainly focused on the Cycles improvement and overall stability than adding features. Any way wait for the 2.7 version to get cool features.
blender 2.69
 Here is the quick list of new features,
  • Hidden wire display for retopology
  • Mesh bisect tool
  • New curve and lattice editing tools
  • Planar motion tracker
  • FBX import/export
  • Improved hair rendering
  • New hair shader
  • improved subsurface scattering with new algorithm
  • Cycles render supports bump mapping and texture blurring
  • New sky model
  • New black body
  • vector transform
  • HSV nodes
  • New viewport enhancements
Get full detail on here
Download Now    (For more additional addons and plug ins download latest SVN build (less stable)).

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