Waving flag-cloth stimulation in Blender

India celebrated 66th Independence Day on August 15 2013. In honour with my country I am giving a free Independence Day template for Blender users. And also a full length tutorial about Independence Day theme. This template is based on Indian theme you can easily change it to suits with your country. If you are eager to render out just download the blender file. If you have enough time, watch the video tutorial and create from scratch.
Difficulty : Beginner
Software : Blender 2.68a
Download : independence Day Blender template. (You can use it with your commercial project. Do not redistribute in any form. You can directly link to this page instead.
In this tutorial you will learn about
  • Adding text in Blender
  • Modifying text in Blender
  • Interactive changing of text properties (font, letters etc.) in Blender
  • Basic material editing in Blender
  • Camera animation in Blender
  • Cloth stimulation/ flag stimulation in Blender
  • Lighting and rendering with cycles in in Blender
  • Open a new blender scene and delete the default cube.
  • Add a text object (add>text, shift + A> text).

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